“Suraphong” inspects Chiang Mai’s public transportation system Supports traveling back during Songkran

Chiang Mai, Deputy Minister of Transport inspects the readiness of train services at Chiang Mai Railway Station. and the passenger transport terminal (arcade) to increase passenger confidence during the Songkran festival Along with additional bus trips to support the return trip so that there are no passengers left behind on April 15, 2024.

Mr. Suraphong Piyachote, Deputy Minister of Transport Went to the area to inspect the operations of the Chiang Mai Railway Station. Currently, there are plans to develop the train station better to accommodate more tourists who turn to traveling by train. Initially, the passenger bogies were renovated, painted, and the seats and electrical equipment were improved to be beautiful and ready for use. Currently, the State Railway of Thailand (SRT) has added one additional special train on the northern route, a special express train. Bangkok Apiwat – Chiang Mai Central Station route for supporting travel during the Songkran festival. after that Went to the area to inspect the
bus service of Passenger Bus Terminal 3 (Arcade), which has added bus trips to support the travel of citizens and tourists during Songkran, both going out and back. As for Category 2 buses, Chiang Mai – Bangkok route, the number of trips increased from 68 to 102 trips per day, accommodating more passengers from 1,800 to 2,880 people per day, while Category 3 buses, Chiang Mai – Upcountry routes (except Bangkok) Bus trips have been increased from 278 to 361 per day, accommodating more passengers from 5,600 to 7,840 per day. It is expected that all of this will be sufficient for passenger travel. and will not cause any passengers to be left behind.

Mr. Suraphong Piyachote, Deputy Minister of Transport, said that after the Ministry of Transport managed public transport from its origin in Bangkok. Already released to destinations in various provinces during the Songkran festival. Therefore, we have come to follow up on the service at the destination. Chiang Mai is a large province with many passengers. Therefore
, we must look at the matter of management to be efficient and consistent with Mo Chit 2 Bus Terminal and Bangkok Apiwat Central Station. From examining the services of both trains and buses in Chiang Mai Province, It is considered to have a good overall picture of service. Passengers using the service increased by more than 60 percent, but the number of buses prepared was still sufficient for travelers. After this, the Ministry of Transport will hold a meeting to discuss ways to develop the public transport system with all provinces. To push for better management and service Various technologies will be used to help sell tickets in advance. To make it easier to manage and help stimulate tourism

For guidelines for creating safety on the return trip It will be in accordance with the “convenient, comfortable, safe, seamless” measures. There will be a Checking Point set up by the Department of Land Transport. To check the readiness of drivers and buses before going out to serve the public. Emphasis is placed on
checking for alcohol, drugs and sleepiness, while various statistics will be collected including ticket sales figures both online and in walk-ins. Classification of travelers Time to park at the appropriate platform traffic system flow In order to analyze these data and develop an appropriate public transport management system. It is seen that accidents during Songkran will definitely be reduced. With good preparation from all parties .

Source: Thai News Agency