Son takes crazy drugs and attacks father

Bangkok: The son took 10 methamphetamine pills, became delirious, went on a rampage, physically assaulting his father and destroying things inside the house until it was damaged. The father reveals that he is not interested in his son’s problems. I just want my son to be healed.

late at night Police officers from Lom Sak Police Station were informed that there was a crazed man going on a rampage. Physically assaulting father and destroying things in the house until it was damaged. at a house in Ban Sok Subdistrict, Lom Sak District, Phetchabun Province, after being informed Police, along with a force of more than 20 Lom Sak gratitude volunteers, rushed to investigate the scene. Met the village leader along with a number of villagers. Standing and waiting for officers in front of the house where the crime occurred. By telling the police that The perpetrator, Mr. Phatthana, aged 29 years, was still in a state of frenzy, making a fuss, causing destruction and destroying things. inside the house Police officers
and rescue volunteers cordoned off and tightened the area inside the house until Mr. Phatthana fled into the bathroom. Until finally the police and rescue workers He took advantage of the moment to charge and capture him gently. So he was tied up. Taken for treatment at Lom Sak Hospital. Upon inspection of the home, it was found that the property Electrical appliances, TVs, fans, and the house itself were smashed and completely damaged by Mr. Phatthana. Broken front glass There were broken glass scattered around.

Mr. Daeng, the father of the perpetrator, revealed that he lives in this house with his son. But in the past, my son had a habit of taking amphetamines. So he was taken to be treated at Tham Krabok Temple, Saraburi Province. He went for treatment for several months until his symptoms improved. Therefore, he was returned to his home on February 6, 2024, but his son went back to his friend who used to take drugs together. and returned to taking drugs again Recently, it was learned that he had taken 10
methamphetamine pills, causing him to become delirious and destroy things. He went to stop him until his son punched him in the face and was injured. So he ran out of the back door of the house. to ask for help from neighbors and call the police which he did not have any problem with his child I just want my son to be healed. and return to living together normally as father and son

As for the culprit After being taken to Lom Sak Hospital The doctor gave him antidepressants. Later, he woke up and became more conscious. Talk about the matter and cry and regret the incident. but still in a blurred state Dazed and confused from the effects of the drug

Source: Thai News Agency

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