Sharia economic potential to be driving force of economic growth: Amin

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Indonesia’s Vice President Ma’ruf Amin is upbeat that the sharia (Islamic) economic and finance could be a driving force of the national economic growth, especially attributed to human resources potential.

“As a Muslim majority nation, it is appropriate that the sharia economic and finance become the driving force of the national economy. Indonesia has a great potential in its development,” Ami said in his keynote speech at an online seminar entitled “Awaiting the Awakening of the Sharia Economic” here on Sunday.

For supply, Indonesia has various resources as capital for the sharia economic development.

The Vice President also said that Indonesia is a potential market in the sharia economic and finance field.

“We are a potential market for the sharia economic, including in the sectors of finance, halal food and products, Muslim fashion, Islamic social funds, sharia business, and so on,” he remarked.

By optimizing those various resources and capabilities, Indonesia can achieve the target of becoming the largest halal producer in the world as a number of non-Muslim countries have also penetrated the sharia market.

“We have to admit that we are still lagging behind in this regard, not only from Muslim majority countries, but also from non-Muslim countries such as Thailand and Brazil in exporting halal products, as well as the UK which is more advanced in developing Islamic finance,” he noted.

Therefore, four focuses of the Islamic economic and financial development that are currently being carried out by the Government must be able to accelerate the role and contribution of the Islamic economic in the national economy, according to him.

The four focuses are the development of the halal product industry, the development of the sharia finance industry, the development of sharia social funds and the development and expansion of sharia business activities.

Source: Antara News