Revealing the legend of Queen Songkran Mahothon Devi

Revealing the legend with the words of the 2024 Songkran lady named Mahothon Devi, reclining with her eyes open on the back of a peacock. He lay with his eyes open. It is predicted that there will be little water this year. Each year there will be 7 Songkran ladies and there will be different predictions.

Each year, the 7 Songkran ladies take turns performing the duty of making predictions. This year, Miss Songkran is Mahothorn Devi, Taddok Samhao or water hyacinth, with Nilrat as an ornament. His food is a gazelle. His weapon is his right hand holding a chakra. His left hand holds a trident. He sits over the Mayurapaksa or peacock and makes announcements each year. The Ministry of Culture will adhere to the principles of Brahmin astrologers. The Royal Ceremonies Division predicts that this year’s astronomical criteria will Tuesday is the Director General of Fon. Tarathikun’s criterion is the wind element, moderate amount of water, strong storms, 7 Nagarats give water, predicting drought. As for the grain c
riterion. Rice seedlings in the fields Infested with beetles and insects, gain 1 part, lose 5 parts.

As for the legend of Lady Songkran, the Fine Arts Department states that she is the daughter of Thao Maha Songkran or Thao Kabilphrom and is an angel in the fourth level of heaven. The first of the six levels of heaven is responsible for receiving the head of Lord Kapilphrom for the procession around Mount Meru each year. or on Songkran Day

The criteria stipulates that Songkran Day is April 13. If it falls on any day of the week, the Songkran lady of that day will be the parade. There are a total of 7 Nang Songkran statues, consisting of:

-The Songkran lady of Sunday is “Dungsadewi” reclining on top of the garuda.

-The Miss Songkran of Monday is “Korad Devi” sitting above the tiger.

-The Songkran lady of Tuesday is “Raksasa Devi” sitting above a pig.

-Wednesday’s Songkran woman is “Manda Devi” reclining on a donkey.

-The Miss Songkran of Thursday is “Kirinee Devi” reclining on top of an elephant.

ay’s Songkran woman is “Kimitha Devi” standing over a buffalo.

The Songkran lady of Saturday is Mahothon Devi who sits above the peacock.

Songkran tradition It is considered the Thai New Year’s Day. which has been adhered to continuously since ancient times And it is a beautiful national culture. The word “Songkran” comes from the Sanskrit language, meaning to pass or move or the time the sun moves into Aries in April. With a unique and beautiful tradition Inherited for a long time until now As a result, at the end of 2023, UNESCO announced its registration. ‘Songkran in Thailand’ has been designated as the intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

and in order to publicize it for foreign tourists to understand the essence of Songkran tradition in Thailand The Department of Cultural Promotion has prepared new international language sermons, including 12 languages besides Thai. There are English, French, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Korean, German, Spanish, Indonesian, and Vietnamese. In addition to celebrati
ng Songkran, it is a world cultural heritage site. It also makes people around the world more aware of Thai Songkran. It is something that helps attract tourists to come visit. Drawing huge amounts of income into the country from tourism per year.

Source: Thai News Agency