“Nokia”, a young model, complains to the Police that her photos were used to promote a gambling website.

B.C., ‘Nokia’ model-influencer Filed a complaint with the Royal Thai Police after being accused of copying photos and clips on Facebook to fake pages and promote gambling websites.

At the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) by the Technology Crime Suppression Division (CSO), Miss Suthasinee or Nokia, 30 years old, model-influencer with a total of More than 820,000 Facebook followers went to report the matter to the investigating officers of Subdistrict 2, Royal Thai Police, after being taken by a person with photos and video clips of Miss Suthasinee. Post on Facebook and your own page to promote many gambling websites.

Ms. Suthasinee revealed that previously a fan messaged her in a Facebook message chat saying that there was a fake page on the Facebook platform using her name and picture. Go post a message. There were more than 100,000 followers, so he went to check and found that it was a fake page. By posting their own photos and video clips on the said page. And attach the link to the gambling website in
the comments under the picture as well. which hopes that fans or the public will click to gamble The investigation also found fake pages using their own names and pictures. There are more than 10 pages that are done in this manner, so I’m afraid that someone will misunderstand. and believed that it was their own page and fell into the aforementioned gambling website will lead to loss He further stated that in the past there were many people who contacted him to hire him to promote gambling websites. But he refused. Because I don’t want to break the law.

Initially, investigating officers from Subdistrict 2, Royal Thai Police, questioned the victims. Ready to collect evidence Before proceeding with blocking fake pages, follow the next steps.

The Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) is in the process of investigating. To prepare for receiving notification of the case general public including government and private companies Being faked on various social media platforms It is a notification via the website. Centr
al Investigation Bureau (CIB) www.cib.go.th available 24 hours a day and will open the system soon.

Source: Thai News Agency