New national strategy eyes quality healthcare services for all

Hanoi: Deputy Prime Minister Tran Hong Ha on January 23 signed a decision approving a national strategy to protect, care for and improve people’s health to 2030, with a vision to 2045, which targets everyone to enjoy quality healthcare services.

Under the strategy, Vietnam also strives to ensure its people live in a safe community, and well develop physically and mentally, thus contributing to improving the quality of life as well as of the human resources for the nation building and safeguarding cause.

Accordingly, the prevention and control of diseases, especially emerging infectious ones, will be strengthened, and the health security ensured to promptly respond to climate change and public health emergencies.

Attention will be paid to improving the quality and efficiency of the health service supply network from the central to the grassroots level to respond to changing disease patterns, international integration and the fourth industrial revolution; maintaining replacement fertility levels; reducing fe
rtility differences between regions and groups; and developing the human resources in terms of quantity, quality and structure.

By 2045, the healthcare system will improve the quality of services on a par with advanced countries in the region, meeting increasing and diverse needs of the people and achieving the universal healthcare coverage.

To improve people’s health, the strategy puts forth solutions such as speeding up the implementation of the Vietnam Health Programme and the hygiene movement to improve people’s health; improving the health of mothers, new-borns and children; and reducing the rate of children with disabilities, with priority given to ethnic-inhabited, mountainous and border areas, and islands.

Vietnam will increase investment in preventive health networks and testing capacity to ensure sufficient capacity to forecast, monitor and detect epidemics early, and control them promptly and effectively.

The strategy also targets equality in accessing medical check-up and treatment services./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

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