Neighbors occupy enemies. was found dead

Bangkok: The opposing party has possession of a house in the Ramintra area. He was found dead in his home. Agu, the real owner, heard the news and asked for forgiveness.

This morning (Feb. 26), investigators at Khan Na Yao Police Station were informed that there was a death in a village. Kanchanaphisek Road Therefore, coordinate with officials to prove evidence. Royal Thai Police and staff of the Ruamkatanyu Foundation Participate in inspections at the scene of the incident

The scene of the crime was a 2-story detached house. The body of Ms. Panumas, aged 52 years, was found lying dead on the floor of a bedroom on the 2nd floor. Upon questioning relatives, it was learned that last morning while going out to buy things and coming back into the house Around 8:00 a.m., the deceased could not be called. So he climbed up to look at the second floor because the bedroom door was locked. Found that the deceased was inside the bathroom near the door where they climbed in, so they helped bring the body down to the gr
ound. The procedure for CPR was started, but it was not effective.

Initially, this deceased person was reported to be one of the neighbors who were accused in a case of hostile possession of a house in the Ramintra Soi 58 area in the Khok Kram Police Station area that has been in the news recently. The investigative officer gave the body to Ruamkatyu Foundation officials to move and send for an autopsy. at the Forensic Institute police hospital

Mr. Chalad, an official of the Ruamkatanyu Foundation, provided information that from participating in the examination along with a forensic doctor. The deceased is expected to have died shortly. It took about 3-4 hours because the body had not changed yet and had not yet hardened.

Lawyer Decha Kittiwittayanan posted on Facebook, revealing that he had already informed Aku. Agu was shocked. and would like to express condolences for the death of the intruder Ready to ask for forgiveness

As for Attorney Wattana, the lawyer for the 5 suspects who entered into possessio
n of the enemy, stated that in the past the deceased had complained to the people around him. and came to consult with himself: There is stress from the case that happened. In addition, he has a serious medical condition. which did not reveal what disease it was The cause of this stress Because the real owner of the house used the media to bring about the matter. and use the media to pressure Instead of using negotiations or legal matters. From now on, you will have to talk with your relatives. including other clients to the process of proceeding with the case But the criminal case that happened to the deceased considered to have ended Because he has died.

Source: Thai News Agency

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