National assembly seeks improvement in political, digital literacy

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Deputy Speaker of the People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR), Lestari Moerdijat, has called for an improvement in political and digital literacy among the Indonesian people to face challenges in the political year.”It is essential for stakeholders to encourage the improvement of political and digital literacy of the community in order to face challenges in the current political year,” she said in a statement received on Friday.

Based on the 2022 Indonesia Digital Literacy Index Survey initiated by the Ministry of Communication and Information, the digital skills, digital ethics, digital security, and digital culture of Indonesians have shown an improving trend.

In 2020, Indonesia’s digital literacy index score stood at 3.46. Meanwhile, in 2021, it reached 3.49. Then, based on the survey, in 2022, the score increased to 3.54, which showed that Indonesians’ digital literacy index was in the moderate category.

Moreover, based on the records of the World Population Review, with 204.7 million Internet users, Indonesia has the fourth largest number of Internet users, after China, India, and the United States.

ccording to Moerdijat, the moderate status of the digital literacy index must be improved as the challenges that the country is facing this year are getting more significant.

“The community’s understanding regarding prioritizing democratic values, nationalism, and unity in a ‘political contest’ must be improved to anticipate those various challenges,” she said.

The MPR Deputy Speaker also pushed for cooperation among all parties for accelerating the improvement of people’s understanding of the digital sector and politics and applying national values in the political year.

She expressed the hope that all relevant stakeholders and the community will be able to carry out the life of the nation and state based on the values of the national ideology, Pancasila.

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Source: Antara News Agency