Indonesia developing export markets in South Asia

Mamuju (ANTARA) – The Ministry of Trade is developing export markets in several countries in the South Asian region in a bid to maintain Indonesia’s economic growth.Minister of Trade Zulkifli Hasan told reporters in Mamuju on Saturday that Indonesia’s economy in 2022 had recorded a growth of 5.31 percent, and this year, the figure is expected to slow down. “However, we are still and will make efforts to develop export markets in a number of countries,” Minister Hasan remarked. The minister noted that Indonesia’s export markets have so far been countries in the ASEAN region, Europe, and America. “I will try to develop new export markets, so that our economy continues to grow,” he affirmed. He said that export development in the South Asian region includes Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India. “We will develop new export markets in Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India,” Hasan remarked. part from the South Asia region, new export development will also target the Middle East and Africa regions. “Hence, we will develop new markets in South Asia, the Middle East, as well as Africa, which were earlier controlled by China, Vietnam, and Thailand,” he stated. “That means, if our economy grows, West Sulawesi will also grow,” he noted further. Meanwhile, responding to the query on the plan to import 500 thousand tons of rice, Minister Hasan stated that currently, there is a big harvest, so Indonesia will not import rice. “Now, we are harvesting, so we will not import rice,” Minister Hasan stated. However, if the state logistics agency’s (Bulog’s) stock is lacking after the harvest period, it is possible that this step to import will be taken. “Hence, if Bulog’s stock is lacking after the main harvest, then we will consider importing from countries that have a large supply of rice,” he remarked. “However, for now, there is no import of rice, as it is the harvest season,” he noted further.

Source: Antara News Agency (ANA)