“Gun Jom Phalang” invades to help disabled children who are being imprisoned and abused in the children’s home

Bangkok: Kan Jom Phalang” raided and rescued dozens of disabled children who were imprisoned and abused in a village in the Sai Noi area of Nonthaburi Province. The caretaker claimed that he opened it as a place to teach children. Coordinate with police and officials MSD joins in the inspection

At 10:00 a.m. on February 26, 2024, Mr. Kanthat Phongpaiboonwet or Kan Jom Phalang along with staff of the Children and Family Home in Nonthaburi Province Social Development and Human Security (MSD), Nonthaburi Province Together with Sai Noi police officers, they went to the area of a daycare called “Autistic Person Development Center” in the village of Sai Noi, Nonthaburi Province, after receiving complaints from good citizens that Dozens of disabled children were locked in an empty room with no air conditioning, no fan, no mattress, no pillow. Some were stripped naked and locked in a room for friends to see. There was physical harm. and let the child drink water Until the child had to drink water in the bathroom

om the inspection, it was found to be a single-family house. Located in the last alley of the village, the center caretaker is inconvenient to go inside. It claims to be open as a place to teach children. Not a daycare It is claimed that there are 5-6 children under their care and 4-5 teachers, and the media is not allowed to take photos. stated that it is a violation of personal rights If a complaint is reported to the agency Request legal action Bring a valid police report or search warrant. before giving permission to officials Nonthaburi Province Secondary Educational Service Area Office Only 2 people went in to check, and inside the room there were about 7 children.

Kan Jompalang said that from the informant’s information that The said place charges 20,000-30,000 baht per month for child care. See the clip inside the house. It became depressing. Can’t accept what happened. Therefore, coordinate with the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Human Resources and Environment to contact officials to inspec
t the area today. And received cooperation from the Superintendent of Sai Noi Police Station who also came to join in the investigation.

From the initial inspection, officials from the Nonthaburi Provincial Educational Service Area Office Found 7 children in the house, 1 of whom was not wearing clothes. But when the staff told the child to put on clothes The child agreed to wear it. When asking to see registration documents as a daycare facility was evaded saying The documents are with another teacher. who didn’t come to work today When asked if there was a child development room or not? The caretaker refused to cooperate with the officers in taking him in for inspection.

Initially, they coordinated with Sai Noi District. Come join in the inspection. Because from checking information on registration as a daycare facility by the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security Initially, there was no such location listed in the system. – Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

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