“Gun Jom Phalang” comes to the aid of a 4-year-old child who was abused by his stepfather.

Bangkok: Gun Jom Phalang along with the Khlong Sam Wa District MP. They raided to help a 4-year-old boy and found scars on his body and face. After being abused by his stepfather for months

Mr. Kanthat Phongpaiboonwet or “Kan Jom Phalang” along with Mr. Narunanmon Huangsap, a member of the Bangkok Metropolitan Council, Khlong Sam Wa District, went to the area of ??a rented house in the area of ??Khan Na Yao Police Station to help a 4-year-old boy who was attacked by family members. After receiving coordination from Ms. Narunanmon Huangsap, a member of the Bangkok Metropolitan Council, Khlong Sam Wa District, has a 4-year-old boy with scars on his body and face. There were bite marks on the body and bruises on the buttocks and genitals and police were contacted. Ministry of Social Development and Human Security Department of Children and Family Homes to help

Ms. Narunanmon Huangsap, a member of the Bangkok Council in Khlong Sam Wa District, revealed that she received a complaint from a community leader in t
he Khan Na Yao Police Station area who saw a 4-year-old boy with bruises on his face that looked like fingerprints. There were bruises on the buttocks and genitals, and bite marks and electric shock marks all over the body. Ask the officials to help and check. Initially, it is known that Such a boy Living with mother and stepfather During the day, children come out to play in the community area. At night, you will enter your room in the middle of the night. I heard a child cry. along with the stepfather’s outcry As for the stepfather’s behavior Villagers are often seen drinking large amounts of kratom water. and give it to the child’s mother to drink as well As for the use of drugs or not? Still can’t answer. It is said that there will also be sexual abuse of children.

For this stepfather, he has a job as a construction contractor. and come to rent a room in the said community together with mother The mother did not ask for any help from the people in the community. The behavior of the stepfather was abusin
g the 4 year old child, the child and the family. He had been watched and watched over by people in the community since the beginning of January and kept observing and collecting evidence of wounds on the child’s body until he couldn’t stand it and so informed the authorities to go help the child.

Mrs. Boonpeng, 49 years old, a vendor in the area, said the family had just moved here at the beginning of the year. At the worker camp in this area He often saw repeated wounds on the child’s body. When he asked who had done this to the child, he said, “Papa hit him.” At first, he didn’t want to get involved, afraid of interfering with family matters. But out of pity for the child So I had my sister tell the community president. Then the chairman He contacted for help and a good citizen identified the wounds on the child’s body. The stepfather did not know when the stepfather acted with the child. Saying that it hurts here, when you see it again, it’s already a wound. When children come to tell them where it hurts
, they feel sorry for them. When they ask how their stepfather did it, they felt sorry for him. The children responded by punching and using cigarettes in various places. One day he saw wounds on the child’s genitals that were inflicted by cigarettes. He couldn’t stand it.

Mr. Kan Jompalang said that if such an event had been witnessed by his mother, Is it considered to be a supporter? If so, must the father be prosecuted in the same way as the father who abused the child? which he talked with the Children’s and Family Home in Bangkok I will let you take the child. As for the case, he coordinated with the superintendent of Khan Na Yao Police Station. Do a preliminary investigation of the mother and child. The father who abused the child was coordinated to come and testify. Initially, it was considered a crime of assault. Whether it is serious or not must be seen in the physical examination section. Last evening, police at Khan Na Yao Police Station took this brutal stepfather away. Go investigate

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