Former sheriff crashes car on bridge before falling into the river

Bangkok: A car crash occurred on a bridge in Ratchaburi. It appears that the other side collided. There were several back and forth crashes. before losing control and falling into the Mae Klong River

Police, Muang Ratchaburi Police Station We received a report of a car crash on the bridge. And a car fell into the river. with people stuck in the car So we coordinated to request a forklift and divers to help. On the bridge, a Nissan 350Z Sport sedan was found, bronze color, condition of the front of the car. and the left side was completely destroyed. Mr. Sitthisak, 70 years old, was the driver. Near the bridge railing, it was found that there were signs of being hit. Until the bridge’s railings and electric light poles disappeared. The bottom part of the river It was learned that a white Isuzu MuX multi-purpose vehicle was submerged in the water. Rescuers tried to go down and help find the two trapped people, but the water was flowing rapidly. Because it is close to the bridge pier So they could only use a ro
pe to hold the car so it wouldn’t float away. and waiting for a large crane to come help

The villagers said that The route before going up the bridge over the river is a 4-lane road, and when you get to the bridge there are only 2 lanes left. Going in the opposite direction, you see an Isuzu car coming to the left and trying to push up to the right to cross the bridge. But the Nissan came to the right and wouldn’t let me push up. A collision occurred, after which the Isuzu MUX reversed and crashed into the Nissan again. But he lost control and fell into the river. with a height of more than 10 meters

Mr. Sitthisak (the opposing party) said that the car that fell into the water was pressed against the left side of his own car. He then reversed and crashed into the left side of the car again. This happened two more times before the other party’s car plunged into the river itself. Personally, I think Is this considered attempted murder? Even if you don’t know the other party. and there had been no issues with
each other before

As for Mr. Suphon, 69 years old, former Mayo District Chief, Pattani Province, the driver of the Isuzu MUX said he did not intend to drive into the other party. But because at first they were going to overtake the sedan, but there was a collision, causing them to panic. When they put the car in reverse, they were afraid they would hit the car behind them again. So shift into gear and step on the accelerator. before falling into the river Inside the car, in addition to herself, Ms. Warawan, age 57, survived, while her father, Mr. Phin, age 97, and his wife, Ms. Khrueawan, age 65, are still missing.

until the evening A crane was able to successfully bring up a car that had fallen into the water. and found 2 dead people, Mr. Phin and Mrs. Khruewan. The police will first investigate both parties to see if there were any incidents prior to the incident. In order to proceed according to the law

Source: Thai News Agency

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