DSI detains “Wanrat”, heir to famous paint business, in STARK stock fraud case

Bangkok, DSI detained “Wanrat”, heir to a famous paint business family. After the Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant in the STARK stock fraud case, according to the letter requesting to be referred to the Special Prosecutor Prepare to file a lawsuit on February 12th.

On February 10, 2024 at the Criminal Court, Ratchadaphisek Road. DSI investigator Went to submit a request for an arrest warrant for Mr. Wanrat. Former executive and major shareholder, heir to a famous black business family, accused number 2 of being a director or executive of a company acting dishonestly. Not performing duties responsibly caution and honesty according to Section 89/7, causing damage to the company or cause oneself or others to benefit from the violation. or not performing such duties, in performing the duties of directors of subsidiaries and executives of subsidiaries, directors, managers, or any person responsible for the operation of any juristic person in accordance with this Act, dishonestly, jointly defrauding by Sho
wing false messages to the public or by concealing the truth which should Tell them to inform the public. and by such deception obtained property from the people who had been deceived. or third party or cause people to be deceived or a third party makes, withdraws or destroys documents of rights, directors, managers or any person responsible for the operation of any juristic person according to this Act does or allows to do: (1) damages, destroys, changes, cuts or falsifies documents; or collateral of such juristic person or related to such juristic person; (2) entered false information or failed to enter important information in the accounts or documents of the juristic person or related to that juristic person; or (3) made an account that was incomplete, incorrect, or not current. or not consistent with reality If done or consented to be done In order to deceive the said juristic person or the shareholders from their proper benefits. or deceive any person, act together dishonestly Deceive others by presenti
ng false information to the public. or concealing the true message which should be communicated to the public And through such deception, assets were obtained from the person who was deceived or a third party according to the Securities and Exchange Act. Criminal Code Sections 83, 41, 343 in the corruption case in Stark Corporation Public Company Limited.

According to the most urgent book of the Special Prosecutor’s Office To the Director-General of the Department of Special Investigation Please arrange for the accused to be brought to court.

It is reported that the Criminal Court has considered the reasons and the request and has granted permission to issue an arrest warrant.

At this time, officials from the Department of Special Investigation have taken Mr. Wanrat into custody. While being treated at a private hospital which is a form of detention while waiting for the court to open. and preparing to take the person to the prosecutor of the Special Cases Office to file a lawsuit with the Criminal Court W
hich is expected to be on February 12th according to normal procedures. The investigating officer must be detained and sent to the prosecutor of the Special Cases Office. to bring him to file a lawsuit or may be taken to the criminal court and make an appointment with the prosecutor of the Special Cases Office to file a lawsuit with the Criminal Court The prosecutor at the Special Cases Office has already drafted charges and is waiting. All that remains is to bring the person to sue.

Source: Thai News Agency

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