Chiang Mai celebrates 728th anniversary of Songkran.

Chiang Mai: Today, the city of Chiang Mai turns 728 years old. Chiang Mai residents begin making merit for good fortune before starting the city’s New Year tradition. It’s already starting to get lively. It’s expected that in the afternoon, people will flock to play in the Songkran water around the moat.

It is called a great and beautiful ceremony every year. For making merit and paying homage to the monument of the Three Kings who together built the city of Chiang Mai 728 years ago, especially the hundreds of dancers who danced to pay homage. Make a great impression on the attendees The beauty of hundreds of dancers There are young dancers as young as a few years old to dancers of the generation of grandmothers and grandmothers. who came together to dance and pay homage to the Three Kings Monument On the day that the city of Chiang Mai turned 728 years old, at the same time that Mr. Nirat Phongsitthaworn The Governor of Chiang Mai along with Chiang Mai residents brought offerings to pay respects. Yosruai pa
ys respects to the Three Kings Monument To commemorate the great grace of Phraya Mangrai Ruler of Chiang Mai Pho Khun Ngam Mueang of Phayao city King Ramkhamhaeng of Sukhothai Phra Piya, a friend who joined in building Ban Paeng, Mueang Noppaburi, Sri Nakhon Ping, Chiang Mai, since 1839, or 728 years ago, until it became Chiang Mai until today. After the morning, Chiang Mai residents and tourists Many tourists join in making merit by giving alms to monks for good fortune. Many people have made a wish for Chiang Mai to prosper and be free from the smog and toxic dust that has been encountered for many months.

While Songkran in Chiang Mai this year Starting to see some excitement already. After many people were worried that the smog and toxic dust would affect tourism. But luckily there was a rainstorm when 2 days ago and I can tell you that Look at the atmosphere from yesterday until now. Songkran in Chiang Mai should be just as lively as anywhere else. You can see that the area around the moat is full of ven
dors who have taken up space along the sidewalk to sell their wares. Some people even brought tents to sleep in and reserved space from the previous night. Including trying to open a water tunnel with a light system, over 100 meters long, on Tha Phae Road. of Chiang Mai Municipality last night There were both Thai and foreign tourists who came to play in the Songkran water for fun. Including many points in Chiang Mai that started playing Songkran lively since yesterday.

It is expected that Songkran water play will take place around the Chiang Mai moat today. It will begin in the afternoon. Meanwhile, tourists continue to travel to Chiang Mai, which the TAT Chiang Mai Office It is expected that no less than 130,000 tourists will come to celebrate Songkran here.

Source: Thai News Agency