Buriram repeatedly punished “Teeraphak” flat-cut salary

Buriram, May 24- Buriram United announces repeated penalties, ordering a 6-month ban on Teerapak, along with a 25% salary cut to settle the SEA Games football final brawl.

After the Football Association of Thailand has investigated the men’s football scandal Finals of the 32nd SEA Games in Cambodia. In the game that the Thai national team lost to Indonesia 2-5 in extra time Before the brawl of players and team officials occurred during the match around the substitute bench and the association considered punishing 3 team officials, both lucky, fortunate, the goalkeeping coach, Mayed Madada and Nai Pha. Trawoot Wongsripuek to rest from duty on behalf of the national team for 1 year, in addition, Sophonwit Rakkin, goalkeeper and Teerapak Pruengna, reserve player Suspended from duty to join Competing on behalf of all Thai national teams for 6 months

The Buriram United club, the agency of Thirapak Pruengna, has announced additional punishment. and regret about the incident and apologize to the fans of the Thai national football team Along with consideration of punishment, Teerapak did not enter the competition on behalf of Buriram United, every item for 6 months, cut his salary by 25% for 6 months, Buriram Club. will bring the case that occurred in the SEA Games football tournament This time is a lesson in taking care of the club’s footballers. to have more emotional maturity Athletes honored to represent the Thai national team must consider the effect on the image and the reputation of Thailand first If you can’t control yourself Buriram club Will no longer support to represent the Thai national team .-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency