Bringing relatives to buy things in Thailand On the way back, the car lost control and fell on the side of the road, causing 5 deaths.

Buriram, Cambodians brought their siblings to buy things from the Thai side at Ban Kruat District, Buriram Province, to take them to celebrate Songkran. On the way back, the slope was steep. Can’t put in low gear Lost control on the side of the road, 5 dead, 11 injured.

On April 12, 2024 at 11:30 a.m., Ban Kruat Hospital, Ban Kruat District, Buriram Province, received a notification from the Chong Sai Taku border relief point, Chanthabetch Subdistrict, Ban Kruat District, that there was a car accident that overturned on the Cambodian side. About 5 km from the border, several people were injured and killed. The hospital therefore coordinated to request assistance because the location of the incident was 70 km from the hospital in Cambodia, then Ban Kruat Hospital. Has coordinated with the Sawangjanayatham rescue unit to join in the incident.

The scene of the accident was a steep slope, approximately 10 meters deep, and a passenger tractor was found. fall below There was an injured person calling for help. I
nitial investigation found that 5 people died at the scene. Hospital vehicles and rescue teams rushed to take the injured to Ban Kruat Hospital. Prakhon Chai Hospital Another six people were seriously injured and sent for treatment at Buriram Regional Hospital.

Mr. Prom Rueangchan, 59 years old, village headman of Nong Waeng, Non Charoen Subdistrict, Buriram Province, who knows Khmer. When we went to ask the driver, he said he was taking 16 relatives in total, riding in a pickup truck with a tractor trailer. Driving to the Thai border to buy things to take to celebrate the Songkran festival The way back is going downhill. Try to put it in a low gear. But the gear won’t go into gear. Make the car flow down the hill rushing down the side of the road All the passengers were scattered.

Ask the Thai officials and know that right now they are helping with treatment first. Because it’s an emergency Expenses have not yet been calculated. Which must be discussed and negotiated later.

Source: Thai News Agency