Aeronautical Radio is ready to deal with rainy season storms. Emphasis on air traffic management with maximum safety

Bangkok, Aeronautical Radio Prepare measures to deal with storms affecting flights. Now Thailand has entered the rainy season. and prepare measures to support emergencies Advise passengers to allow extra time for traveling to the airport. And always fasten your seat belt while sitting in your seat on the plane.

Mr. Noppasit Chakrapitak, President of Aeronautical Radio of Thailand Company Limited (AEROTHAI), revealed that according to the Ministry of Transport. Has given a policy on providing safety to the people. Thailand is now entering the rainy season. AEROTHAI as an air navigation service agency Be prepared to handle the situation. We have issued measures to accommodate inclement weather conditions. From thunderstorms and heavy rain that may affect flight which affects aviation visibility and is an obstacle to the flight path. To ensure maximum safety for passengers and aircraft, AEROTHAI has closely coordinated and followed up on aviation meteorological information. Both in terms of weather forecast in
formation in advance and reporting actual weather information at that time in order to plan air traffic management. Support the situation that will occur At the same time, procedures for air traffic services or Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) have been established in the case of aircraft in controlling requests to fly to avoid weather (Weather Deviation), flying in circles and waiting for the weather to improve. or requesting a change of flight route to an alternative airport He emphasized that all air traffic controllers Be aware of the situation (Situation Awareness) at all times and be ready to provide full assistance to the aircraft. To achieve maximum aviation safety Including setting guidelines for air traffic flow management. To create convenience, flexibility and affect delays. and flight fuel consumption during times of heavy air traffic and flight concentration. while bad weather occurs By allowing aircraft to delay waiting to take off from the airport of origin. Wait until the weather at your
destination improves. or until air traffic management returns to normal. Including issuing notifications to all incoming flights at every airport. Prepare a reserve of fuel to accommodate any delays that may occur. AEROTHAI has arranged the workforce of air traffic controllers to be ready to provide services during inclement weather conditions. and the operational position in each area of ??responsibility has been adjusted to suit the volume of air traffic.’

In addition, we are prepared to handle emergencies in every situation, such as in the case of an airplane requesting an emergency landing. AEROTHAI will be the first line of defense. that was contacted by the pilot Assistance in the event of an aircraft emergency From bad weather such as flying around waiting for the weather until there is little fuel left (Minimum Fuel), flying into turbulence/severe turbulence (Severe Turbulence) causing injuries to passengers. or the aircraft encounters any other emergencies, AEROTHAI has already established procedure
s to support this as well. The plan and procedures for emergencies will be followed or the Emergency Checklist, including prioritizing the aircraft to land as quickly as possible. Ready to facilitate Coordinate and provide assistance as requested by the pilot. Ready to report the incident to the airport Relevant ground agencies and airline representatives are informed. According to the emergency notification system to be prepared to provide assistance And prepare to continue following the airport’s emergency plan set according to international standards.

However, for passengers traveling in this rainy season You may encounter flight delays at certain times. In the event of thunderstorms or inclement weather in the airport area, people are asked to follow announcements from the Meteorological Department. and information from airlines and airports closely if flight schedules are adjusted or cancel a flight Including allowance for travel time So that everyone can travel as scheduled. And most importantly, pleas
e fasten your seat belt at all times. While sitting on a plane For your own safety.

Source: Thia News Agency