Vietnam enjoys sound ties with South American countries: Diplomat

Buenos Aires: An array of political and cultural activities were held to mark the diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Argentina and Uruguay, Vietnamese Ambassador to Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay Duong Quoc Thanh has said.

He told the Vietnam News Agency that the official visits to Argentina and Uruguay by National Assembly Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue in April contributed to promoting the close relations and cooperation between Vietnam and the two South American countries.

Besides, right after Javier Milei was elected as the President of Argentina, President Vo Van Thuong sent him a letter of congratulations, in which he expressed his hope to continue bolstering the comprehensive partnership with Argentina during Milei’s 2023-2027 tenure.

Thanh added that in a working session with a delegation from the Communist Review – the magazine of the Communist Party of Vietnam who paid a working trip to Argentina, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Interantional Trade and Worship of Argentina Diana Mondino said she wan
ts to discuss with Vietnam experience in renewal and economic integration as well as to enhance relations between the two countries.

The diplomat said President Milei’s administration will continue boosting the ties with Vietnam in the time ahead as political parties in the country have laid a stress on the significance to expand the comprehensive partnership with Vietnam, which was set up in 2010.

Regarding the cooperation prospects between Vietnam and Uruguay, Thanh said in Hue’s high-level visit, the mayor of Montevideo pledged to build a Vietnamese cultural space on an area of 500 square metres, which will be a symbol of the solidarity and friendship between the two Governments and peoples.

In a recent meeting with Thanh, Paraguay Foreign Minister affirmed that as the interim chairman of the Southern Common Market (MERCOSUR) in the first half of 2024, Paraguay will speed up the negotiations of the free trade agreements with several Asian countries, including Vietnam.

Additionally, Minister of Industry
and Commerce Luis Castiglioni announced his plan to lead a delegation of Paraguay officials and businesses to visit Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries in May 2024.

Thanh stressed that 2024 will be a good time for Vietnam and MERCOSUR to begin negotiations towards the signing of an FTA. However, he said Vietnam should pay due heed to MERCOSUR member states’ requirements on market access on the basis on mutual benefits so as to remove bottlenecks and unlock the opportunities in the economic relations with this potential region./.
Source:Vietnam News Agency

Vietnam, South Africa should further bolster economic ties: Diplomat

Pretoria: Vietnam and South Africa should further tap their economic cooperation potential to make their economic partnership match the sound bilateral political relations, said Vietnamese Ambassador to South Africa Hoang Sy Cuong in an interview granted to Vietnam News Agency.

The diplomat said that the two sides should promote collaboration in areas of each other’s strengths and demand such as mining, agriculture, energy, education-training, trade, logistics, and finance-banking, as well as new areas such as digital transformation and green economy.

He suggested that in the immediate future, the two countries should continue to create favourable conditions for their goods to access each other’s market, while generating more chances for businesses of the two countries to meet and strengthen investment cooperation.

At the same time, Vietnam and South Africa should continue to enhance the efficiency of the Inter-Governmental Forum, the Joint Committee and other cooperation mechanisms, while paying special a
ttention to reviewing, updating, negotiating and signing bilateral cooperation agreements across all fields, he said.

Besides, the diplomat said two countries should increase delegation exchanges through all levels, while promoting their coordination at multilateral forums, especially the UN, the Non-Aligned Movement, and South-South Cooperation, thus reinforcing political trust.

Cuong also underlined the need to bolster locality-to-locality cooperation, as well as partnership in tourism, culture and people-to-people exchange.

Looking back on the Vietnam-South Africa ties over the past three decades, the diplomat said that the bilateral relations have been reinforced and become more substantial and effective.

After COVID-19 pandemic, ties between the two countries have been promoted through the Party, State and people-to-people channels and at all levels, Cuong said, highlighting Vietnamese Vice President Vo Thi Anh Xuan’s visit to South Africa in mid-September and the Vietnam visit by South African Vice
President Paul Mashatile in mid-December this year.

South Africa has been the largest trade partner of Vietnam in Africa, and bilateral cooperation in defence-security, science-technology and innovation, education-training, justice, tourism, wildlife management and biodiversity, and wildlife trafficking prevention and control have been fruitful.

Vietnam and South Africa have maintained close coordination and mutual support at multilateral forums. Vietnam has supported South Africa to become a dialogue partner of ASEAN, while South Africa assisted Vietnam in acting as an observer at the African Union. This year, when South Africa serves as the BRICS President, Vietnam was among few countries invited to the BRICS Summit.

To date, South Africa is the only African country sharing a partnership for cooperation and development with Vietnam, said the Ambassador.

He also highlighted a number of activities that Vietnam and South Africa have conducted to celebrate the 30th anniversary the bilateral ties, including
those in trade and investment. Particularly, the first-ever Vietnam Day in South Africa which comprises a Vietnam-South Africa Business Forum, as well as the first ASEAN Film Festival and Vietnamese Day of Pho (rice noodle) were held in South Africa, introducing to local friends a dynamic, hospitable nation of Vietnam with unique culture.

The activities created new impetus for the elevation of bilateral ties to a new height, Cuong underscored./.
Source:Vietnam News Agency

State President commends performance by defence intelligence brigade

Hanoi: President Vo Van Thuong examined the training and combat readiness at Brigade K3 of General Department II, the Ministry of National Defence, on December 21, on the occasion of the 79th founding anniversary of the Vietnam People’s Army (December 22, 1944 – 2023) and the All People’s National Defence Festival (December 22, 1989 – 2023).

Highly valuing the training and combat readiness of Brigade K3, the State leader said over 27 years of development, the brigade has always been an elite and faithful combatant force of the defence intelligence that has obtained many remarkable feats of arms, deserving the title of ‘Hero of the People’s Armed Forces’ granted by the Party and State.

Officers, soldiers, and staff members of Brigade K3 have made tireless efforts to weather difficulties and fulfill all tasks, thereby helping build up the army, consolidate national defence, protect the Party, the regime and the Fatherland, and develop defence intelligence, he continued, applauding the unit’s achievements and
all-round development in recent years.

The President asked the brigade to continue upholding the defence intelligence force’s and its heroic tradition; carry out the focal task of building a comprehensively strong unit; build a clean and strong Party organisation; and consolidate its officers, soldiers, and staff members’ political mettle, absolute loyalty to the Party, Fatherland, and people, as well as resolve and readiness to undertake and successfully accomplish tasks in all circumstances.

It is also necessary to further improve training and combat readiness so that its soldiers are truly elite, skillful, and have high combatant strength, he added.

President Thuong voiced his belief that Brigade K3 will keep joining the entire defence intelligence force in better serving national construction and safeguarding in the new context, and continue deserving its role as a particularly trustworthy and absolutely loyal unit of the Party, State, army, and people./.
Source:Vietnam News Agency

Vietnam-RoK relationship expected to grow stronger: Deputy PMs

Hanoi: The elevation of Vietnam- Republic of Korea (RoK) relations to a comprehensive strategic partnership in late 2022 opened up a new period for more practical, effective and comprehensive development, Deputy Prime Minister Le Minh Khai told his Korean counterpart Choo Kyung-ho during their phone talks on December 21.

Khai noted with pleasure the outstanding development of the bilateral cooperation in various spheres, saying the RoK has become one of Vietnam’s top economic partners.

For his part, Choo stressed that December 22 is of significance as the two countries will celebrate the 31st anniversary of their diplomatic ties, and used this occasion to thanked Khai for his contributions to the enhancement of economic cooperation.

Reviewing the outcomes of the Vietnam-RoK economic cooperation dialogue at the deputy prime ministerial level in Hanoi in March, the officials expressed their hope to meet at the third dialogue next year to seek solutions to boost the bilateral economic ties.

They shared the v
iew that the two sides need to stay united to sail through obstacles amidst complex, unpredictable developments of the regional and world situation.

Khai suggested Choo continue his support and contributions to the cooperation, saying the two countries should maintain regular delegation exchanges and all-level contacts, and strengthen collaboration in national defence and security, and economy in a more balanced and sustainable way for mutual benefits.

Khai also suggested Choo encourage Korean firms to expand their investments in Vietnam, especially in such priority areas as infrastructure, production of high-tech electronic devices, semiconductors, big data, bio-technology, and smart urban areas, with attention paid to the transfer of technology and capital.

The Deputy PM also called on the RoK to admit more Vietnamese labourers and expand cooperation between the two countries in this field, increase its non-refundable aid to the Southeast Asian nation, especially in research and development and innovatio
n, and transfer core and source technologies to Vietnam.

He proposed the two sides step up collaboration in telecoms, IT, e-government building, digital transformation, digital economy, green economy and circular economy.

Choo affirmed that he will instruct relevant agencies to make thorough preparations for the third dialogue, thus contributing to the bilateral ties, and noted his hope to soon re-visit Vietnam./.
Source:Vietnam News Agency

Vietnamese President congratulates new Emir of Kuwait

Hanoi: Vietnamese President Vo Van Thuong on December 21 sent a message of congratulations to Sheikh Meshal Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah on his accession to the throne as the Emir of Kuwait.

Sheikh Meshal Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah took the oath of office in front of the National Assembly on December 20.

He succeeded the late Emir Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, who passed away at the age of 86 on December 16./.
Source:Vietnam News Agency

PM sets out major tasks in economic diplomacy

Hanoi: Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh assigned major tasks to the diplomatic sector and relevant agencies in economic diplomacy while addressing a plenary session of the ongoing 32nd National Diplomatic Conference on December 21.

The leader asked them to continue institutionalising and concretising instructions of the Party and the State, and relevant documents issued by the Party Central Committee’s Secretariat and the Government with new mindset and strategic visions.

He stressed the need to catch up with global trends, focus on removing obstacles, perfect institutions, promote cooperation, concretise economic commitments and review their implementation.

Other tasks include diversifying markets, products, and supply chains; tapping the potential of the Middle East, Africa and South America and Halal markets; carrying forward self-reliance, self-resilience, innovation and creativeness; and enhancing coordination and connectivity with other agencies and localities in the spirit of putting businesses and lo
calities at the centre.

Lauding the diplomatic sector’s efforts and performance over the past time, the Government leader emphasised that economic diplomacy must closely follow domestic requirements, and the sector needs to work harder to raise the efficiency of economic diplomacy.

In his remarks, Minister of Foreign Affairs Bui Thanh Son attributed achievements in economic diplomacy to efforts by the entire sector, localities and enterprises, as well as the whole political system and the national economy.

Participants proposed many solutions to boost traditional growth drivers like export and investment, and to open new development spaces for the economy in the fields of green growth, digital transformation and semiconductors.

They commended the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Vietnamese representative offices abroad to localities and businesses during the implementation of economic diplomacy, particularly in investment and trade promotion, and resources attraction./.
Source:Vietnam News A

NA Chairman meets ambassadors, heads of overseas representative agencies

Hanoi: National Assembly Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue held a working session in Hanoi on December 21 with a delegation of the Vietnamese representative agencies abroad led by Minister of Foreign Affairs Bui Thanh Son, within the framework of the 32nd Diplomatic Conference.

Speaking at the event, Chairman Hue said diplomatic work has achieved many significant results, both bilaterally and multilaterally, becoming a bright spot among the country’s overall achievements in recent years.

The diplomatic activities of the NA, especially those of the Chairman and Vice Chairpersons, have elevated parliamentary diplomacy into a foremost channel of foreign relations and a source of strength to deepen cooperation with other countries in a profound and effective manner; enhance the country’s international position, particularly in politics-diplomacy, socio-economy and sci-tech. Moreover, these efforts have enlisted external resources to control the COVID-19 pandemic and expand economic, trade and investment cooperation, he a

He asked ambassadors and heads of diplomatic representative agencies to continue building a professional, comprehensive and modern diplomatic sector, thus enhancing Vietnam’s reputation and position on the international stage.

The Vietnamese NA and its leaders will continue giving the top priority to the diplomatic sector when considering and deciding on issues within their jurisdiction, with the aim to ensure that the Vietnamese diplomacy’s global standing increasingly improves, aligning with the unprecedented “potential, fortune, position and international prestige” of the country as highlighted at the 13th National Party Congress, he said.

Minister Son said apart from joining activities of the 32nd Diplomatic Conference, ambassadors will actively work with ministries, agencies, localities and businesses to collect information and specific suggestions, thus performing diplomatic tasks entrusted by the Party and State, and best meet the country’s development requirements./.
Source:Vietnam News Agenc

Conference provides key information serving Halal industry development

Hanoi: Experts and representatives from a number of countries, organisations and businesses gathered at a conference in Hanoi on December 20 to share measures in producing and exporting products to the international Halal market, as well as key information to promote the sustainable development of Vietnam’s Halal industry.

Addressing the event, Dr. Ha Minh Hiep, Acting General Director of the Vietnam Directorate for Standards, Metrology and Quality (STAMEQ) said he hopes domestic businesses will optimise the ‘keys’ provided at the conference to promote Vietnam’s integration into the world Halal industry, while countries can depend on these keys to be confident to invest in the Vietnamese Halal industry.

Malaysian Ambassador in Vietnam Dato’ Tan Yang Thai said that Halal industry is closely attached to religious practices, making it difficult for Vietnam – a non-Muslim country to approach.

However, he mentioned Australia as an example of a non-Muslim country that successfully develops its Halal industry, an
d advised Vietnam to be confident to develop this sector.

Director of the Vietnam Certification Centre (QUACERT) Tran Quoc Dung said that the conference demonstrates the Vietnamese Government’s serious attention to the development of the Halal market to serve Muslim countries.

He said he hopes the conference will help promote the cooperation efficiency among parties to serve the Muslim community in Vietnam and the world, paving the way for the Halal industry’s development in Vietnam.

Participants at the event discussed a wide range of issues related to Halal economy, culture and the potential and opportunities for Vietnam, as well as the Halal standard system and the orientations for the building of standards for Vietnamese Halal industry.

They also gave opinions on new measures to strengthen cooperation and make full use of international resources to increase Vietnamese firms’ capacity to engage in production and supply chains of Halal products and services in the world, and design development orientatio
ns for the comprehensive and sustainable growth of the Vietnamese Halal industry.

Within the framework of the conference, the QUACERT and the Institute for Africa and Middle East Studies signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation in popularising knowledge, standards and certification services and international collaboration in Halal industry among relevant organisations, businesses, students, and agencies./.
Source:Vietnam News Agency