Ukrainians have understood need for unity amid conflict: ambassador

Jakarta (ANTARA) – One year of the Russian invasion has taught the Ukrainian people about the importance of uniting against aggression, Ukrainian Ambassador to Indonesia VasylHamianinhas said.”The Ukrainian people learned properly how to unite,”Hamianinsaid at an event organized by the Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia (FPCI) here on Fridayto mark one year of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian people have learned that only by uniting can they fight against the aggressor, the ambassador said.

“The stronger they come together, the more power they can realize,” he added.

The Ukrainian people have also learned about the importance of helping each other in the fight against the Russian invasion, he said.

Hamianinsaid thatat least 15 million Ukrainians have been displaced, with hundreds of thousands thought to have been killed or injured in the year since Russia invaded Ukraine

Tens of thousands of residential buildings have been destroyed along withthousands of hospitals, schools, churches, and other public facilities, he added.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian economy is also in a slump because the country cannot export the grains it has and all the food products it has produced.

“But, once again, the Ukrainian people have learned how to survive in these unprecedented conditions,” he said.

“People have started to communicate and to help each other. People have started to create new businesses and started to try to renew the normal life just to make it feel normal,” he added.

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Government to build natural tropical rain forest in IKN Nusantara

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Minister of Environment and Forestry, Siti Nurbaya, stated that the government is preparing to build a natural tropical rain forest in the new capital city (IKN) Nusantara in East Kalimantan.”The government is preparing to build a natural tropical rain forest in the IKN area. In line with President Joko Widodo’s (Jokowi’s) direction, the forests in IKN Nusantara area will consist of various types, and no longer homogeneous forests,” Nurbayasaid in a statement received here, Friday.

The minister remarked that seeds for the heterogeneous forest in IKN Nusantara will be supplied from the Mentawir Nursery in North Penajam Paser District, East Kalimantan.

The Mentawir Nursery is targeted to produce approximately 20 million tree seedlings per year, including plants endemic to Kalimantan, especially those related to Dipterocarpaceae, such as meranti (shorea), camphor, blangeran, and also some trees in Kalimantan, such as sungkai, that are on the brink of extinction, the minister explained.

Nurbaya stated that overall, the Mentawir Nursery has an area of 120 hectares and only some 30 hectares will be used for nurseries.

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In addition, the government will utilize the remaining area by building ponds under the Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) Ministry’s responsibility, with the current water volume of approximately seven hectares. Water from the ponds is used for the irrigation system in the nursery.

“Our commitment to the environment starts from here. We do not have any doubt. There are 20 million seedlings here. Compared to the Rumpin Nursery, this is huge. Therefore, we have to prepare a pond because it needs a lot of water,” the minister noted.

She also stated that the government provided space for other parties to participate in developing tropical forests in Kalimantan, including in the construction of Mentawir Nursery, which is included in a large-scale nursery.

“We call the working pattern as a public-private partnership, namely a partnership between the government and the private sector,” she stated.

Construction of the Mentawir Nursery is part of the government’s efforts to develop the area of IKN Nusantara in an environmental context through various businesses that are economically developed with an environmental concept.

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Ministry applies risk management to prevent fraud in IKN development

The quality of work during the development of the IKN must be maintained by following the (determined) working methods and procedures to minimize construction failure,

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) Ministry is implementing risk management strategies to prevent fraud in goods and service procurement for the development of Indonesia’s future capital (IKN), Nusantara, in East Kalimantan.Secretary general of the PUPR Ministry, Mohammad Zainal Fatah, said that before starting the construction of the IKN, the ministry carried out risk management through nine fraud prevention strategies, in accordance with PUPR Minister Basuki Hadimuljono’s directives.

“Regarding the risk management strategy, the PUPR Ministry has issued the PUPR Minister’s Circular Letter Number 04 of 2021 concerning Guidelines for Risk Management Implementation throughout the PUPR Ministry,” he said in a statement issued on Friday.

It has also established the Internal Compliance Unit and Inspectorate for Investigation (IBI) as part of the risk management strategies.

In addition, the PUPR Ministry is continuously strengthening the competence and independence of the auditors of the ministry’s inspectorate general as well as monitoring the goods and service procurement fraud prevention system, he said.

“It (the attempts) prove that the PUPR Ministry is concerned with risk management, including in the development of IKN,” he added.

The PUPR Ministry is currently carrying out the early stage of the IKN establishment, which comprises about 50 construction projects, with a total cost of US$4.5 billion (Rp68.7 trillion) sourced from the State Budget (APBN).

The first phase of the IKN development, which began in August 2022 and is targeted to be completed in 2024, includes land preparation for the Central Government Core Area (KIPP) as well as the construction of Segments 3B and 5A of the IKN Toll Road.

In addition, it consists of the construction of the Western National Axis Road; Segments 2 and 4 of the Sepaku Ring Road; the construction workers’ housing; water intake and distribution pipelines of the Sepaku River; the Mentawir Nursery water supply facility; and Sepaku Semoi Dam.

Hadimuljono has instructed that the establishment of the IKN be carried out on time with the right quality, cost, quantity, benefit, target, and administration, the ministry’s secretary general said.

“The quality of work during the development of the IKN must be maintained by following the (determined) working methods and procedures to minimize construction failure,” Fatah added.

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Preparation of quality generation starts from the family: ministry

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture stated that the preparation to create a superior and quality generation starts from the family.”Hence, families, especially parents, have a very important role in preparing their children to become superior and competitive human resources,” the ministry’s acting deputy for coordination of quality improvement for children, women, and youth, Didik Suhardi, noted in Jakarta on Friday.

Suhardi remarked that parents should provide assistance and set an example for their children to emulate it and become individuals with positive and noble character.

Properly preparing members of the next generation, who will become the future leaders of the nation, is deemed crucial, especially in the context of welcoming the demographic bonus and golden Indonesia 2045, he remarked.

“For this reason, a healthy parenting pattern is needed, starting from the child’s birth, up to the school age. Good parenting will help the child’s growth and development to become optimal, both physically and psychologically,” he remarked.

He also stated that parents have a noble duty to ensure that their children are physically and psychologically healthy.

“That is why, character education and exemplary parental assistance are very important to shape the children in growing with love and will spread the love to their surroundings,” he remarked.

He noted that the ministry accentuated four important aspects for parents to implement in educating and nurturing their children.

ccording to Suhardi, children’s education must encompass four characteristics: performance character, relational character, moral character, and religious character.

“Apart from the need to send their children to school, parents must also ensure that parenting at home and in the surrounding environment are important. They must also ensure that their children’s education, includes these four characteristics,” Suhardi noted.

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Must tap local resources in Nusantara development: IKN Authority

Penajam (ANTARA) – The Nusantara Capital City (IKN) Authority has emphasized that the construction of the new Indonesian capital, Nusantara, in North Penajam Paser District and Kutai Kartanegara Districtmust prioritize tapping local potential.The development at the IKN must prioritize local resources such as food, deputy for social culture and community empowerment at the IKN Authority, Alimuddin, said in Penajam on Friday.

The IKN Authority will soon circulate a notification to all those involved in the construction of Nusantara, directing them to purchase vegetables, rice, side dishes, and other local dishes, particularly from North Penajam Paser.

So, the local community around IKN, especially North Penajam Paser, must prepare for these needs, he said.

The IKN Authority has also assured that it will continue to empower East Kalimantan residents, especially workers livingin the districts of North Penajam Paserand Kutai Kartanegaraas well as the area around the new capital.

The IKN Authority will improve the capability of human resources in North Penajam Paser, he said, for instance, by holding trainingfor graduates.

The younger generations are expected to demonstrate optimism about the new capital’s development by increasing their potential to compete in the world of work with immigrants.

The preparation of human resources must start early because it is local residents who will enjoy the development of IKN, he said.

“Residents of East Kalimantan should immediately prepare themselves so they don’t become spectators when the IKN is built and developed,” he added.

The social culture and community empowerment unit of the IKN Authority will try to strengthen the community, especially in East Kalimantan, so as to get it involved in and support the development of the new capital.

“Especially for North Penajam Paser District, there is still much that needs to be prepared to become part of the IKN,” Alimuddin said.

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Indonesia offers to assist Palestine in employment training

The training will be carried out through the Training of Trainers (TOT) program and/or knowledge and information sharing.

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Indonesian Manpower Ministry has offered to assist the Palestinian government in carrying out employment training to bolster the capacity development and competency of workers in the Arabic country.In a press release received on Friday, Manpower Minister Ida Fauziyah said that her ministry is planning to provide assistance in vocational training as well as capacity building in work safety and health (K3) to the Palestinian government.

“The training will be carried out through the Training of Trainers (TOT) program and/or knowledge and information sharing,” she informed during a bilateral meeting with Palestinian Labor Minister Nasri Abu Jaish in Amman, Jordan, on Thursday.

The two countries have close diplomatic relations, thus, the Indonesian government is committed to boosting relations through various collaborations, including in the manpower sector, she added.

“We hope that this bilateral meeting can make bilateral relations and cooperations between the Government of the State of Palestine and the Government of the Republic of Indonesia in the manpower sector to become closer and stronger,” she remarked.

ccording to Fauziyah, the bilateral meeting in Jordan was a follow-up to a meeting that took place in Singapore some time ago.

The Indonesian minister said that her ministry has prepared a zero draft Letter of Intent (LoI) to initiate a cooperation agreement between the two countries regarding vocational training as well as capacity building in K3.

“We hope that this collaboration (initiation) can be followed up with the preparation of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) and the implementation of the agreed programs,” she added.

The bilateral meeting took place on the sidelines of the “Partners Meeting to Support the Implementation of the Palestinian National Employment Strategy.”

The meeting aimed to support the creation of decent jobs in Palestine and provide inputs for the implementation of the Palestinian National Employment Strategy 20212025.

There are three key strategies of the Palestinian national employment program, which has been developed by a number of Palestinian ministries with technical support from the International Labour Organization (ILO).

The strategies comprise strengthening the governance of active labor market programs; aligning skills development and educational programs with the needs of the labor market; as well as improving the resilience of the private sector to create decent job opportunities, especially for youth and women.

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Minister stresses need for collaboration to reduce child marriage rate

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection Minister Bintang Puspayoga has said that the collaboration of many parties is needed to reduce the incidence of child marriage in Indonesia.”Synergy and collaboration of stakeholders are needed to reduce the child marriage rate so that children can go to school and get an adequate education,” she added in a statement released here on Friday.

She expressed the hope that the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) between the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Indonesia and the Khouw Kalbe Foundation on Thursday (February 23, 2023) would boost the effectiveness of child marriage prevention efforts.

“It is expected that this MoU will improve the effectiveness, coordination, and cooperation in efforts to prevent child marriage,” Puspayoga said.

Through the MoU, the two parties, which are supported by the Indonesian government, will provide scholarships to 250 girl students that are at risk of child marriage and girl students who are victims of violence.

“The scholarship support is one of the solutions for supporting the education of our children who are at risk of child marriage, as well as to continue carrying out the Child Marriage Prevention National Strategy or Stranas PPA in Indonesia,” the minister said.

ccording to Puspayoga, child marriage is a complicated and multi-sectoral issue.

Based on the 2020 National Socioeconomic Survey (Susenas), 8.19 percent of Indonesian women got married for the first time when they were aged 715 years.

“Child marriage is one of the forms of violence against children and is a practice of violating children’s basic rights,” the minister stressed.

She further stated that child marriage could worsen the stunting, dropout, and cervical cancer rates among children.

“The impacts of child marriage are not only experienced by the children who are married, but also the children that will be born (from child marriage), and it (child marriage) has the potential to create intergenerational poverty,” she highlighted.

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Western Union and Beforepay Offer ‘Send Now, Pay Later’ Service to Consumers for International Money Transfers

A first-of-its-kindcollaboration, allowing consumers in Australia to boost their international money transfers (remittances).Consumers can borrow up toAUD$2000 to supplement transfers, with the flexibility to repay in multiple installments.Collaboration demonstrates Western Union’s and Beforepay’s commitment to ensuring accessible financial services for all.Sydney (ANTARA/BusinessWire)-Western Unionand Beforepay today announced a first-of-its-kind collaboration, allowing consumers to boost their cross-border money transfers by accessing reliable, ethical and affordable short-term lending. Consumers can ‘Send Now, Pay Later’ by borrowing up to AUD 2000 through Beforepay’s wage-advance product on Western Union’s digital channels.

Meeting consumer expectations

Exclusive insights from Western Union research show that as many as 44% of Australia’s consumers would like to have the choice to ‘Send Now, Pay Later’ when transferring money around the world. Today’s announcement means that consumers will be able to do just that. By accessing Beforepay’s wage-advance product through Western Union’s mobile app andwebsite, customers will be able to increase how much they transfer. Registration to access the additional funds can be completed within minutes and once issued, can be repaid in multiple installments. International money transfers through Western Union can be sent to over 200 countries and territories.

“We are committed to supporting our customers and their communities by offering financial services that are accessible, ethical, and reliable,” said Gregory Laurent, Regional Vice President of Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands at Western Union. “Western Union’s mission is to make financial services accessible to people everywhere. Our collaboration with Beforepay is another step towards achieving this mission – giving customers the opportunity to access additional funds as they send money to families and communities. We are excited about the positive impact it can have for consumers, as they proactively look for convenient options to meet their financial needs.”

ccessible financial services for all

Today’s announcement reinforces Western Union’s’Evolve 2025′ strategy to combine high-value, accessible retail and digital financial services. Beforepay’s wage-advance product is designed to give customers the opportunity to meet temporary cash-flow challenges. The average advance Beforepay offers to customers is approximately AUD$400. The full amount is repaid within an average of three to four weeks.

“We’re excited to collaborate with Western Union to support their customers with access to safe, affordable short-term lending,” said Beforepay CEO Jamie Twiss. “Beforepay and Western Union share a vision of providing inclusive financial services to aspiring consumers around the world.”

bout Western Union

The Western Union Company (NYSE: WU) is committed to helping people around the world who aspire to build financial futures for themselves, their loved ones and their communities. Our leading cross-border, cross-currency money movement, payments and digital financial services empower consumers, businesses, financial institutions and governments–across more than 200 countries and territories and approximately 130 currencies–to connect with billions of bank accounts, millions of digital wallets and cards, and a global footprint of hundreds of thousands of retail locations. Our goal is to offer accessible financial services that help people and communities prosper. For more information,

bout Beforepay

Beforepay (ASX: B4P) is an Australian fintech providing ethical-lending products to consumers. Beforepay’s wage-advance product enables its more than 750,000 registered users to borrow small amounts of money for short periods of time in a safe, affordable manner. The company’s flagship product charges a fixed fee of 5%, with no interest, late fees, penalty fees, or other costs of any kind. For more information,


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