BMKG, FMI to improve weather forecasting capacity

The Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) and the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) have discussed improving the BMKG’s climate, air quality, and weather forecasting capacity through the INDFIN Project.

The INDFIN Project is a cooperation project for improving BMKG’s capacity in climate, air quality, and weather forecasting, head of the BMKG, Dwikorita Karnawati, said at the kick-off meeting of the project here on Tuesday.

The project is intended to realize better BMKG services to Indonesians, she added.

The INDFIN Project is being undertaken for three years from January 1, 2023, to December 31, 2025, she informed.

The project will receive 500 thousand euros in funding from Finland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Institutional Cooperation Instrument (ICI) financing scheme initiated in 2021.

There are three outcomes that have been agreed upon for the INDFIN Project, Karnawati said.

The first concerns the improvement of BMKG’s capacity in the prediction and discharge of weather services through the development of the Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) model at the agency.

The second involves the development of an air quality dispersion model for predicting and operating air quality services through the implementation of the System for Integrated Modeling of Atmospheric Composition (SILAM) at the BMKG.

The third relates to the improvement of BMKG’s capacity in the maintenance and utilization of aviation weather equipment.

Karnawati said she expects that, through the cooperation project, BMKG and FMI will share their experience, knowledge, and technology to realize a world-class BMKG through the improvement of human resources and institutional capacity at the agency.

“Because the challenges in Indonesia are becoming more complex, the capability to continue to develop the model is very important,” she added.

The success of the INDFIN Project is expected to contribute to the two countries’ efforts to implement the sustainable development goals (SDGs), she said.

Source: Antara News

Minister urges Yogyakarta farm to get credit financing

Agriculture Minister Syahrul Yasin Limpo has urged the owner of Rajendra Farm in Ngargosari village, Kulon Progo district, Yogyakarta, to get financing under the credit program to develop the farm.

The ministry has allocated Rp113 trillion (US$7.5 billion) for people’s business credit, he said on Tuesday. Of the budget, Rp14 trillion (US$923 million) has been earmarked for livestock.

“Farm development can utilize the people’s business credit facilitated by President Joko Widodo. We have to be grateful to the President for providing capital for livestock development,” the minister added.

When visiting a goat and sheep breeding center at Rajendra Farm with his entourage from the ministry on Tuesday, the minister praised the farm for cooperating with other farms in Kulon Progo.

The farms have united cultivation from upstream to downstream. Besides, Rajendra Farm’s goat market share has reached Singapore.

“This is a good sign. We and the acting regent of Kulon Progo are committed to developing this farm. Not only in Kulon Progo, but (this initiative is expected) to be replicated,” he said.

The minister will issue directives to the director general of animal husbandry to adopt the system implemented at the Rajendra Farm for managing livestock in many places in Indonesia.

“We expect that the livestock brand in Kulon Progo will not only be limited to Kulon Progo, but the development of this farm will make us very proud,” he said.

Acting head of Kulon Progo district, Tri Saktiyana, said that Rajendra Farm has initiated a lifestyle, as it combines animal husbandry, agriculture, industry, and a halal lifestyle.

“This is an extraordinary business being developed by Rajendra Farm in Ngargosari. This system is a good example, which is being developed so that it can attract the youth to delve into animal husbandry and farming,” he added.

Source: Antara News

ESDM Ministry asked to ensure gas supply for fertilizer factories

Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Arifin Tasrif has said that President Joko Widodo has asked his ministry to secure gas supplies for fertilizer factories.

“The President’s directive is to secure gas supply and we have prepared the scenario,” he informed here on Tuesday.

Tasrif said the gas supply is mainly devoted to industries in Sumatra.

“That’s for industries, especially in North Sumatra, with critical areas in Aceh,” he informed.

He said that so far, the supply of subsidized fertilizers in the country has remained under control.

“Yes, it’s subsidized fertilizer. For food, subsidized fertilizer is used. So, it’s not expensive and the supply is also sufficient,” he added.

“The allocation is more than 7 million tons for subsidized fertilizer. God willing, it will be safe if it is to support the need for fertilizer, for food agriculture,” Tasrif informed.

Earlier, while inaugurating a nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NPK) fertilizer factory in Aceh on February 10, 2023, President Widodo requested that national fertilizer production be boosted to overcome fertilizer problems.

“I want the capacity of 570 thousand tons here to be doubled to 1.14 million tons. I hope this will really be used optimally to resolve farmers’ grievances,” he said on Friday.

President Widodo said the need for fertilizer nationally has reached 13.5 million tons. However, currently, only 3.5 million tons has been fulfilled.

He further said that in Aceh, two fertilizer factories have stopped operating—PT Aceh ASEAN Fertilizer (AAF) and PT PIM. The operational constraints for the two companies have been due to gas supply delays.

The President then ordered Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs), Erick Thohir, to re-operationalize the two fertilizer factories.

For the re-operation of PT PIM, an investment of Rp1.7 trillion is required to develop the NPK industry as well as port facilities for logistics.

The President also asked for a commitment from the Ministry of BUMN, PT Pupuk Indonesia, and the management of PT PIM on finding a solution for the gas issue.

Source: Antara News

Geospatial agency discovers seamount in Pacitan waters

A survey team from the Marine and Coastal Area Mapping Center (PKLP) of the Geospatial Information Agency (BIG) has discovered a seamount or an underwater mountain in the southern waters of Pacitan district, East Java province.

According to a statement received on Monday, the mountain’s base is located on the seafloor at a depth of about six thousand meters. It measures about 2,200 meters in height.

“This newly discovered underwater mountain is about 260 kilometers south of Pacitan district, precisely on the border between Central Java province and East Java province,” coordinator for marine area mapping at BIG, Fajar Triady Mugiarto, informed.

He said that BIG carried out a technical coordination meeting with a number of parties, namely geologists, and hydrographers, as well as representatives of the Pacitan district government and the East Java provincial government regarding the discovery of the seamount.

The meeting was also attended by representatives from the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry, the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN), and the Indonesian Navy’s Hydro-Oceanographic Center (Pushidrosal).

Currently, the Pacitan district government is finalizing a proposal for naming the new underwater mountain.

“Hopefully, the name of this volcano will later be included in the Indonesian gazetteer (a geographical index or directory containing the names and locations of geographical objects) Gazeter RI,” the BIG official said.

It is planned that the name of the newly discovered underwater mountain will be submitted to the General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans (GEBCO) Sub-Committee on Undersea Feature Names (SCUFN), he added.

The GEBCO is under the auspices of the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) and the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

The discovery of the seamount was the result of a joint survey conducted by the PKLP of BIG and BRIN in the southern regions of Java, Bali, and Nusa Tenggara in September–November 2022.

The activity, which was carried out using BRIN’s survey vessel Baruna Jaya III and lasted 52 days, aimed to obtain detailed underwater topography data called bathymetry. The data will be used in calculating the claim for the extended continental shelf zone.

Source: Antara News