Hue International Arts Festival: Lantern Festival

A Lantern Festival was held at Nghinh Luong Dinh (Luong Dinh Welcome Pavilion) on June 9 within the Hue Festival and Hue International Arts Festival 2024 from June 7-12 in the central province of Thua Thien-Hue.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

Asking for forgiveness, the Line commander revealed that the “Commander of the 9th Infantry Regiment” sent a horse van to the area. Before claiming misunderstanding

Bangkok: , The director of a chat line complains about being forced to set up a horse carriage and plow money into the temple. Before claiming he had misunderstood, Ro had already asked for forgiveness from the “Commander of the 9th Police Station” while the Police Commander had already ordered the appointment of an examination committee. Found not to be true

In the case of online communities publishing LINE message chats in the room of the 2023 Center for the Prevention and Mitigation of the Crime Suppression Division at the Phasi Charoen Police Station. Releasing his frustration, he filed a complaint against Pol. Lt. Gen. Thiti Saengsang, commander of the Metropolitan Police Bureau, exposing the behavior of a police officer with the rank of Pol. Maj. Gen. who claimed that he forced local police to take the “horse carriage” of a big man in the area of Provincial Region 7 through. Local level police officer

Message in the LINE group, CPOC 2023, 393 members of Phasi Charoen Police Station Superintendent Spec
ify the contents to be brought to the commander of the Metropolitan Police Bureau. At this time, the 9th Precinct Commander, Pol. Maj. Gen. Prasong Anmanee, the 9th Precinct Commander, forced the horse van Dia Lueang, Preparatory 7, to enter the area through his deputy. P.Sueb 9 and passed Deputy Twitch, Tax Investigator, etc. I was very uncomfortable before a member of the LINE group asked me back. Police Superintendent Phasi Charoen Did you send it wrongly? Police Superintendent Phasi Charoen Answer the truth. Ready to send a picture of a police officer’s ID card with a straight face of himself into the room.

Police Superintendent Phasi Charoen Send another message that I am a freshman in the 57th class, and another matter. Forced me to ask for money at Paknam Phasi Charoen Temple to buy a drone because I had a friend who was selling a drone. I have to go see the monks every day, and it’s really uncomfortable. These messages were posted in the middle of the night on June 7.’

After the group chat line went
viral on social media, it caused a stir. until it was criticized It is reported that Police Lieutenant General Thiti Saengsaeng, commander of the Metropolitan Police Bureau, has ordered a committee to investigate the matter. The results will be reported within 3 days.

Most recently at 10:00 a.m. today (June 9, 2024), Pol. Lt. Gen. Thiti Saengsaeng, commander of the Metropolitan Police Bureau, ordered Pol. Maj. Gen. Pong Anan Klaiklueng, deputy commander. N. Summon Metropolitan Police Commanders 1-9 to attend an administrative meeting. There was an urgent agenda regarding the chat line complaint of a police officer at the level of Police Superintendent, alleging the performance of a police officer at the level of Commander in Chief, who is the commander. Leaked into the group “C.P.N.2023” whose members are more than 393 police officers, including Pol. Lt. Gen. Thiti Saengsaeng.

Later, the owner of the post deleted all messages from the group. But someone captured the message. Released in the social world cau
sing a news flow which It is a negative image between superiors and subordinates. Including various interpretations that cause disrepute to the Royal Thai Police.

Today (June 9) Phasi Charoen Police Station Superintendent So he brought the garland in and asked for forgiveness. Pol. Maj. Gen. Prasong Anmanee, commander of the 9th Precinct, giving the reason that on that night he wanted to repent for his lack of judgment. coupled with stress work pressure and received erroneous information from ill-intentioned people attacking the commander for listening Without thinking about it carefully first So posted a message in the Line group. But when he regained consciousness, he immediately deleted the message from the Line group. I don’t think anyone will take a screenshot and post it on social media. Therefore, he would like to apologize to his superiors, both the 9th Precinct Commander and the Deputy Police Commander, for their thoughtless actions. For a moment, I felt sorry and wanted to ask my superiors to forgi
ve me.

Pol. Maj. Gen. Prasong said that in performing his duties, there will inevitably be some misunderstandings. as a commander and subordinates They are also seniors and juniors of the Sam Phran Police Cadet Academy. He confirmed that he was not angry. Police Superintendent Phasi Charoen and do not wish to pursue legal action in any way As for the disciplinary punishment, Pol. Lt. Gen. Thiti Saengsaeng, commander of the Metropolitan Police Bureau, will consider ordering another visit.

As for the inspection, Pol. Lt. Gen. Thiti ordered Pol. Maj. Gen. Panlop Aeromla, deputy commander of the Metropolitan Police Bureau, to oversee the work of the police inspector general. Set up a fact-checking committee. to carry out the investigation of such facts Has there been any wrongdoing? From the examination of the said case Basically it’s not true. Pol. Maj. Gen. Prasong There has been no wrongdoing in this case. However, there will be an investigation into the disciplinary offenses of those involved to see if such
offenses have been committed or not

Source: Thai News Agency

President visits Soc Giang border guard station in Cao Bang

President To Lam visited and presented gifts to officers and soldiers of Soc Giang border guard station in the northern mountainous province of Cao Bang on June 9. Established in October 1959, the Soc Giang border guard station is responsible for managing and protecting a border section spanning over 20 km, including 55 border markers, and ensuring security and order in Soc Ha and Truong Ha communes of Ha Quang district.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

Meteorological Department warns upper Thailand of more rain. Northern region copes with heavy rain

Bangkok: , The Meteorological Department reveals that upper Thailand has increased rainfall. Warning to the northern region to prepare for heavy rain. Flash floods and flash floods may occur.

Meteorological Department Revealing the monsoon trough across the upper northern and upper northeastern regions. together with the southwest monsoon that blows over the upper Andaman Sea and upper Thailand began to gain strength This characteristic causes more rain in upper Thailand and heavy rain in some places. With very heavy rain falling in the northern region. People in the area are asked to be careful of the dangers of heavy rain and accumulated rain. This may cause flash floods and flash floods. Especially areas of mountain slopes near flowing waterways and low-lying areas.

As for wind waves in the upper Andaman Sea and the upper Gulf of Thailand, they are starting to get stronger. The waves are about 2 meters high. In areas with thunderstorms the waves are more than 2 meters high. Boaters in those areas are ask
ed to navigate with caution and avoid sailing in areas with thunderstorms.

Source: Thai News Agency

Over 600 people join mass yoga performance in Binh Thuan

More than 600 yoga instructors, practitioners, and enthusiasts from Binh Thuan and neighboring localities gathered in the central province’s Phan Thiet city on June 9 morning for a large-scale yoga performance celebrating the 10th International Day of Yoga. The event, themed ‘Yoga for Women Empowerment,’ was co-organised by the Binh Thuan Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism and the Consulate General of India in Ho Chi Minh City. It aimed to enhance sustainable tourism development based on cultural similarities between Vietnam and India.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

A lesson for dog owners Pitbull seriously injures 5-year-old child

Udon Thani A lesson for dog owners. Don’t lose sight of it. Recently, there was an incident in Udon Thani where a “pitbull mix” attacked a 5-year-old child, leaving him seriously injured. He was bitten on the head and had a large wound.

Nong Praewa, 5 years old, was in a state of shock after a dog leapt and bit her on the head, causing a gaping wound. Amid the cries of relatives address in the event Out of pity for the little one The incident occurred on the evening of June 7th. In front of a house in Khue Nam Subdistrict, Ban Phue District, Udon Thani Province, the dog in question is a Pitbull mixed with Thai, male, 2 years old.

?After the incident, relatives Hurry and take Nong Praewa to the hospital immediately. The doctor sewed up the wound and cleaned the wound. Initially, symptoms improved a lot. But you have to wait and see the symptoms. To prevent infection The wound was large and deep in the skull and near the left eye.

His mother said that she was selling things at the market. A relative called
to say that her daughter had been bitten by a dog and ran back, feeling very sorry for her child, while Grandma said that the houses in this area were all relatives. Before the incident, little Praewa was taken to play at another relative’s house who owned the dog. At that time, he was carrying his 2-year-old grandson to play with him. The dog suddenly leapt and bit Praewa on the head. before helping to take him to the hospital But I admit that this dog is normally not violent. It is believed that this is because the owner, who is a 2-year-old child, may be jealous.

?The owner of the dog said that his dog has never bitten a person. In this incident, he was very sad that his grandchild had to be injured. Confirm that you will be responsible for all medical expenses. Now we have to wait for the younger brother to get better and there will be negotiations. But this story is also a lesson that no matter how tame a dog is, But the instinct is still that of a ferocious animal. Therefore, care should be taken not t
o lose sight of it. Especially for homes with small children and elderly people.

Source: Thai News Agency