Visiting a coffee shop hiding Saigon Special Forces’ secret cellar

Located at No. 113A Dang Dung street, Tan Dinh ward, District 1 in Ho Chi Minh City is Do Phu – com tam Dai Han, a coffee shop that once hid Saigon Special Forces’ secret cellar. It used to be the ‘red address’ of the Saigon Special Forces, which specialized in hiding cadres and stored about 2 tons of weapons to prepare for the Tet Offensive in 1968. Its history traces back to the year 1968, when a member of Saigon Special Forces named Tran Van Lai, with his wife and family, built 2 secret weapon cellars at their house located in the midst of enemies surrounding. In Lunar New year of 1968, Saigon Special Forces took weapons from this cellar to take and captured the Independence Palace as well as many other important targets. During the war time, to hide from enemy’s sight, the shop also opened a broken rice stall that became popular to Korean soldiers at the time for its special kimchi sauce. Nowadays, Do Phu coffee shop introduces young generations to many historical artefacts associated with Saigon Special
Forces. This is one of the interesting destinations that visitors should not miss when having opportunities to visit Ho Chi Minh City.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

Father jailed for raping 13-year-old daughter for 4 years

Bangkok,, “Paweena Hongsakul” coordinates with the Superintendent of Nong Khaem Police Station. A perverted father has been arrested for raping his 13-year-old daughter for 4 years. Recently, he has been caught. The person confessed. Taken to jail today

Mrs. A (pseudonym), 31 years old, filed a complaint with the Paveena Hongsakul Foundation for Children and Women. Via the hotline, call. 1134 after the daughter of Nong Bee (pseudonym), a 13-year-old daughter, was raped by her real father, 37-year-old Mr. Ung, for 4 years, when the child was 9 years old.

Mrs. A revealed that after separating from her ex-husband Since the child was small Mr. Ung asked to take his child to live with him and have a new wife. Lives in a rented room in Phetkasem area. In the past, my daughter never told me. He said that the incident happened because he was afraid that his father would physically harm him. The daughter said that the last time she was raped was on April 14th. She was very distressed. On May 6th, the daughter decid
ed to send a message to her mother because she couldn’t stand her father’s rape any longer. She was afraid that she might be pregnant because she had missed her period for a little over a month. When she found out about what had happened, she hurriedly went to take her daughter to live with her. Therefore, I would like to ask the Paweena Foundation to help me because I am afraid that my ex-husband will go on a rampage and take my daughter back. As for the stepmother, she is aware of Mr. Ung’s behavior. has escaped from the house

Recently, Mrs. Paweena received a report from Police Col. Kongsak Pannoi, superintendent of the Nong Khaem Police Station, said that investigators from the Nong Khaem Police Station had tracked down and arrested Mr. Ung at the motorcycle taxi area. In front of a restaurant in Mueang District, Nonthaburi Province, while escaping, he was detained for questioning at Nong Khaem Police Station. He initially confessed and will be taken into custody at the court today. Ready to oppose bail.

Source: Thai News Agency

“Auntie Kai” cries after admitting to attacking a nurse’s assistant and agrees to go to jail.

Nonthaburi, From the incident of a female nursing assistant. She was scolded and slapped repeatedly by a fresh market vendor who claimed she bought lemons for 50 baht and didn’t pay. Recently, “Auntie Kai”, a lemon vendor Open your heart and admit the real harm, willing to go to jail.

The incident occurred on May 25, 2024, Ms. Waew (pseudonym), nursing assistant. Went to buy something at a fresh market in the Nonthaburi area. and went to buy lemons at a price of 20 baht per tray, 3 trays of 50 baht, along with paying 500 baht in a banknote, which the seller gave 450 baht in change back to him, when he received the change So I went to buy more things at a nearby store. While shopping for things It appears that this lemon vendor He came in and grabbed his head and pulled his shirt. before slapping the face several times along with cursing and accusing him of being a cheater Bought lemons and didn’t pay. The lemon seller tries to get the change back all the time. Even though he insisted that he pay with a 500
baht banknote, the Manao vendor wouldn’t listen. Still cursing non-stop

Before someone came in to dissuade him. nursing assistant He had been physically assaulted until he was ashamed of the whole market. Therefore, they want to prosecute this vendor for assault. The police then sent him to Siriraj Hospital to check his wounds. In order to use the test results in considering filing charges against this lemon seller…

Recently, reporters traveled to the area of ??the said fresh market and found “Auntie Kai,” a lemon vendor who had hit her hand. She revealed this to reporters with tears in her eyes. I admit that on the day of the incident, I had little rest because I slept late and woke up early to sell things every day. Misunderstood that the other party did not pay the 500 baht note because he did not see the 500 baht note in the bag. So he went looking for him and asked for 450 baht in change. He admitted that he had assaulted him. I grabbed him by the collar and slapped him in the face once, but didn’t p
unch him in the head or hurt him many times. If the parties are going to prosecute Or have them pay compensation for the fine. Certainly not. Must be willing to go to jail. But I would like to ask for sympathy for the other party to forgive and not bring up his own story.

Source: Thai News Agency

The accused murderer was detained in a condominium after 8 hours of questioning.

Nonthaburi,, Police detained “Photo”, the accused of murdering a condominium hoarder. Detention at Nonthaburi Provincial Court After more than 8 hours of questioning, he was ready to oppose bail. He revealed that he was stressed and worried about everything.

On June 2, 2024, investigators at the Nonthaburi Provincial Police Station prepared to bring Mr. Phurinat or Photo, age 27, the suspect under an arrest warrant from the Nonthaburi Provincial Court. who caused the murder of Mr. Paisan, 54 years old, an online merchant who owned a condo in the Ngamwongwan area. Went to be detained at Nonthaburi Provincial Court. After employees spent more than 8 hours interrogating and objecting to bail.

Last morning, Mr. Phonchai, father of Mr. Phurinat, the accused, came to Muang Nonthaburi Police Station, bringing food such as sticky rice and grilled pork. Comes with drinking water. and visited his son They talked for about 5 minutes before walking out.

Mr. Pornchai revealed that his son repented. Ready to apologize
to the side of the deceased. and apologize to myself with what has been done There was no discussion about bail and the son did not request bail from the family. But I admit that my son has some concerns. Regarding adjustment when going to serve a sentence in prison Because in the future, I had intended to study at the Barrister-at-Law and study abroad. I would have to cancel it. Take responsibility for what you’ve done.

As for the details of the cause of the incident He had already listened to his son’s confession to the police, after which he did not want to say anything else. Ready to refuse to answer that it all happened in self-defense. or business reasons After this, there must be coordination with the police and the families of those who died because of their own intentions. Intending to express condolences and attend Mr. Phaisan’s funeral The deceased also It is known that the body will be received for a funeral service on Tuesday, June 4th.

At 11:00 a.m., the police took Mr. Phurinat, or Photo, fro
m the control room. Muang Nonthaburi Police Station Taken to be detained at Nonthaburi Provincial Court. While sitting in the car, the reporter asked “Photo” if there was anything stressful. “Photo” replied that he was stressed about everything. There’s nothing to worry about. Worried since the first day something happened. We already know that we will be a prisoner of society. We choose to cause events. But we don’t have enough courage to walk out.

Source: Thai News Agency

10 Happiness in the People’s Hearts, Part 5: Buddhist patronages Yoyok Phra Trairat

Thai News Agency MCOT would like to present a special report ’10 Happiness in the Hearts of the People’ in honor of His Majesty the King. On the occasion of the auspicious occasion of His Majesty the King’s 6th Cycle Birthday Anniversary, 28 July 2024, broadcast every Sunday. Today’s episode presentation “The patron saint of Buddhism Yoyok Phra Trairat’

Source: Thai News Agency

Drive IGNITE THAILAND to push Thailand to be the food center of the world.

The government drives IGNITE THAILAND, pushing Thailand to be the center of agriculture and food in the world. Minister of Agriculture Responding to raising the level of farmers’ income to increase 3 times in 4 years, while farmer representatives stated production promotion The quality of agricultural products must be developed in line with market needs in order to be successful. .

Source: Thai News Agency

Bangkok people are satisfied with the work of ‘Chatchat’, Governor of Bangkok, 2 years old.

Bangkok, Nida Poll Reveals that people in the city are satisfied with the work of Chatchart for 2 years. Survey results indicate that more than 40% will still choose to continue in his duties. From the survey when asking about the opinions of Bangkok people. Continuing the work of the Governor of Bangkok, Chatchart Sittiphan, for the past 2 years.

Promoting tourism in Bangkok, 43.05 percent said it was quite good, followed by 21.30 percent said it was not very good, 20.15 percent said it was very good, 8.20 percent said it was not good at all, increasing green space and public parks 45.75 percent. stated that it was quite good, followed by 21.65% said that it was not very good, 19.60% said that it was very good, and 10.30% said that it was not good at all.

Improving and organizing sidewalks, such as hawker stalls, parking vehicles or setting up shops on sidewalks, 46.60 percent said it was quite good, followed by 21.30 percent said it was not very good, 19.35 percent said it was very good, 11.60 percent sa
id it was not good at all. Sports support: 41.80 percent said it was quite good, followed by 23.25 percent said it was not very good, 17.45 percent said it was very good.

Solving the problems of cleanliness, garbage, dust, wastewater, for example, 44.30 percent said it was quite good, followed by 25.40 percent said it was not very good. Improving the scenery of roads, alleys, alleys, 46.90 percent said it was quite good, followed by 23.60 percent said it was not very good. Good, improving service in Bangkok agencies, 43.15 percent said it was quite good, followed by 22.10 percent said it was not very good.

crime prevention and create safety in life and property, such as installing lighting, CCTV cameras, and security systems. For example, 43.35 percent said it was quite good, followed by 28.15 percent said it was not very good, 15.10 percent said it was very good, 11.15 percent said it was not. That’s good.

Solving the flood problem, 37.00 percent, said it was quite good, followed by 29.05 percent, saying
it was not very good. Organizing gatherings, 41.50 percent said it was quite good, followed by 24.90 percent, saying it was developing public transportation systems such as electric trains, boats, etc. 41.10 percent said it was quite good, followed by 29.35 percent said it was not very good. Solving health/public health problems, 41.25 percent said it was quite good, followed by 28.65 percent said it was not very good.

Source: Thai News Agency