Inviting people to ‘reduce plastic and join in conserving sea turtles’

House, “Kenika” reveals the government through the Ministry of Wealth Inviting people to “reduce plastic and join in conserving sea turtles.” June 16 of every year is “World Sea Turtle Day” (World Sea Turtle Day). Five species were found at risk of extinction.

Ms. Kanika Aunjit, Deputy Spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office, said that the government, led by Prime Minister Settha Thavisin, has given importance to the environment. Including rare and endangered marine animals. of which turtles in the sea are considered one of them. The government is aware of the reduction. and is likely to become extinct soon Especially sea turtles in Thai waters. Although there are laws to protect and conserve sea turtles,

Ms. Kanika further added that Police General Patcharawat Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, is concerned and has discussed with relevant agencies the measures to conserve turtles and breed them, especially 5 species at risk of extinction: Leatherback t
urtles are most at risk of extinction, followed by loggerhead turtles, grass turtles, hawksbill turtles, and green turtles, respectively. Leatherback turtles are listed as protected wildlife. The other 4 types of sea turtles are on the protected wildlife list according to the Wildlife Preservation and Protection Act 2019.

‘The government invites people to reduce plastic. Join in conserving sea turtles Because it was found that the main problem of sea turtles around the world is continuously decreasing. which is a direct impact of human behavior This is because the threats are increasing each year. Especially the problem of plastic waste contaminating the sea. Illegal collection of sea turtle eggs Attaching fishing gear Especially during the spawning season, these things are also the cause of sea turtles decreasing,’ Ms. Kanika said.

Source: Thai News Agency

“Cho Pannika” joins in observing the selection of Bangkok Senators.

Government Center, “Cho Pannika” came along to observe the selection of Bangkok senators, hoping for a chance for the people’s senators to pass the national round, pointing out that Bangkok has a lot of famous people – high competition. It’s not fair to small provinces. fewer applicants Accepting fears – information leaks After the first round, the profiles of 20,000 applicants were leaked, saying that applicant information is a “treasure.” Don’t treat the PDPA law as tissue paper and throw it in the trash.

Ms. Pannika Wanich, spokesperson for the Faculty of Progress Traveled to observe the selection of members of the Senate (Senators) at the provincial level (Bangkok) since the morning at 7:30 a.m., revealing that Today we come to observe the election. Provincial level senator Not just because I’m a Bangkokian, but I think Bangkok is the most important battleground. which has the highest and most competition because there are 50 districts, meaning that there will be a lot of people who will be eliminated i
n the provincial selection round.

Another important part is Candidates in Bangkok stand out And it’s something to watch. So today you may see The person we saw who really wanted to be a senator was eliminated. Today I came to observe. When the district is in good order There are fewer people around the province today. Officials can use resources to the fullest. Therefore, in observing management style He thought there shouldn’t be any problem. There is only one point that still needs to be noted: the monitor, because at the district level you can’t see anything. I hope that the officials will improve.

‘The most important thing today I really want the candidates we see to be senators of the people. Hoping to make it through to the finals at the level we hope to achieve. Because I believe The provincial round is the most difficult round. Candidates with a good profile Beauty can stand out If you can pass this round. I believe will be able to fight through to become a senator.’

When asked about many districts
that had new votes counted. Ms. Pannika said that it is normal in more than 900 districts, but what we are worried about is that in the past 3-4 days there has been news circulating that Main payout 20,000-30,000 baht to the applicant It is considered a whirlwind for the Senate. Therefore, he would like to emphasize that The person who paid the money Go choose someone else. Or choosing someone is punishable by imprisonment. Those who report information will have a reward worth hundreds of thousands of baht. He thought that when selecting MPs there would be a reward like this as well. But no one received any awards. Because of fear of influence, he wants Active Citizen to keep an eye on the selection. As many senators as possible, he believes that from the provincial area to the national level The value will increase even more.

As for the news that there is news that there are Senate candidates already waiting at the national level. Miss Pannika admit that it really exists And some of them are people they kno
w. But can’t say the name But it’s not about him having a ticket. But this is because of a loophole in the system. given to each province Especially small provinces There is no competition at all. All you need is 1 vote and you’ll be able to go to the national level. while the Bangkok area Compete with each other seriously. causing advantages and disadvantages

‘In the past, in the district Many people clearly said that I can’t give it to my younger sibling. Because I already have a copy. We therefore clearly see that this is the nature of the establishment. From the big political groups really exist, but that’s okay, we do our best. Let the candidates who represent the people dilute it.’

Ms. Pannika added that she was pleased to see the people taking part. The part that the Constitutional Court has appointed to consider Whether the case regarding the law obtained by the Senate violates the constitution or not, he thinks there is no great risk to the point of overturning the process. I think the Constitution
al Court has weighed it well. How much damage will there be, even though the regulations actually violate the Constitution? can be judged in other ways and may not make the choice District level senator and provincial level are void He thinks the court considers the damage.

When asked about the selection of district level senators, what was the information about the applicants? Ms. Pannika replied: This is normal and should not be accepted. In fact, there is always information leaking out about applicants. And if you have good enough connections with government officials To get information like this, he thinks that the PDPA law should not turn into tissue paper thrown into the trash. He thinks that this has been normal for a long time. that people who have access to connections Access to more information than the general public and put this information to good use Senator candidate information, I can say that a treasure Therefore, it is considered to be an important problem. Because it is a closed system.

Source: Thai News Agency

The government asks parents to take care of their children and not play online football gambling.

House of Representatives, The government reminds people not to trust online football gambling websites that claim high returns. Tricked into gambling on Euro 2024, leaving parents to take care of their children Recommend watching for fun. Cheer for your favorite team. Don’t expect to get rich from gambling.

Mr. Karom Phonphonklang, Deputy Spokesperson of the Prime Minister’s Office, revealed that from June 14 to July 14, 2024, there will be the 17th European Football Championship or Euro 2024. The government is concerned about the people who have been damaged by organized crime. Various types, which nowadays it is found that many citizens have lost their property to gambling. During the Euro 2024 football season, the government asks parents to help monitor the behavior of their children and not let them get involved in football gambling. Please watch for fun. Follow and cheer for your favorite team. Don’t expect to get rich from gambling. In addition to wasting money, you may also lose your future.

‘The go
vernment reminds citizens not to trust football betting website groups. Using online advertising tricks claiming high returns to lure people into believing they are victims. causing loss of money and property If you witness an offense or find clues about online gambling You can report it to the hotline 191 or the Royal Thai Police hotline 1599 24 hours a day. Players, solicitors, and organizers of football betting will be guilty according to Gambling Act 1935, Section 12 (2) must be punished with imprisonment not exceeding 2 years or a fine not exceeding 2,000 baht, or both,’ Mr. Karom emphasized.

Source: Thai News Agency

“Dr. Warong” claims news sources believe “Thaksin” is at odds with the NHSO after listening to the order to sue 112.

Bangkok, Hot politics before 18 June. “Dr. Warong” revealed that he received information from a reliable source that former Prime Minister Thaksin was admitted to the hospital last night. He believed that the time was delayed until 18 June. A.Y. did not come to listen to the Attorney General’s order.

Dr. Warong Dejkitvikrom, Chairman of the Thai Phakdee Party Gave an interview about posting on Facebook with the word “Urgent”, a bag of 2,000 million snacks, the country of Sarakhand sprayed poison, 112 prisoners resorted to being sick and went to bed in the hospital last night. It is expected that on June 18th they will not come.

When the reporter asked if there was any evidence to believe that Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra, former prime minister Entering Rama 9 Hospital, Dr. Warong said he received information from a very reliable source about Mr. Thaksin. Enter the hospital That’s why he posted it for society to know. As of today, we are not sitting and watching over anyone. The news source gave us information. T
he news source called this morning that Mr. Thaksin Entered the hospital last night.

When further asked whether the news source had told Mr. Thaksin How many days will he be in the hospital? Dr. Warong said he doesn’t know. But when we connect it with the Attorney General’s appointment to prosecute the Section 112 case, it should be connected with these matters. As for the political analysis, Mr. Thaksin was admitted for treatment near the date when the impeachment order was to be heard. How can you look at it? Dr. Warong said that last time, on May 29, Mr. Thaksin claimed to be sick with Covid. But this time the prosecutor made an appointment for June 18th but admitted him to the hospital first. Shows that you are trying to delay time. There’s nothing complicated.

The reporter asked if there was an analysis that on June 18, Mr. Thaksin would come to hear the impeachment order and then be released on bail. Does that mean it won’t work like that? Dr. Warong said he believed it was like that. Because the news
source gave information that there was an admission to the hospital.

As for whether or not it is possible that Mr. Thaksin is actually in the hospital, but on June 18, he will listen to the lawsuit himself. Dr. Warong said that if it comes out in this form, It’s probably going to be more difficult. How will this matter be followed up? He thought there was nothing complicated.

However, Dr. Warong emphasizes again that there is nothing complicated. Because the last time the prosecutor made an appointment on May 29th, he didn’t come, stating that he had been infected with Covid since May 27th. This time, the appointment was on June 18th, and when he came recently he was admitted to the hospital. Nothing complicated Straightforward.

Source: Thai News Agency

Still haven’t found anyone who has broken the law. Select a provincial level senator for Bangkok.

Government Center, Assistant Police Commander inspected the selection of senators at the Bangkok provincial level. It was complete, but no illegal acts were found. Revealing the preparation of officials to support The Election Commission immediately sent the matter with a wrong decision.

Pol. Lt. Gen. Kornchai Klaiklueng, Assistant Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police Went out to observe the security readiness and order of the Bangkok Provincial Senator Selection Unit at Centara Life Chaengwattana Hotel, along with giving an interview later that from the inspection of the rooms it was in order. There is a communication cut. No one carried a telephone or other communication device into the selection area. Senator in any way At the same time, we also supported the police force. Came to take care of more than 40 people in the area, which at this time have not been found to have violated the law regarding the selection of senators.

Police Lieutenant General Kornchai further said that for the inspection and mo
nitoring of political groups. political organization and related groups Our police officers have Already checked and followed which is believed to be what the police have prepared for They will be able to take immediate action if they find that an offense has been committed.

‘But everything must be The Election Commission will consider whether such actions Is it an offense or not? If it is an offense, it is the duty of the police. There will be a group of investigators investigating every province and there is a law that can be prosecuted,’ Pol. Lt. Gen. Kornchai said.

In the case where there is news of someone being hired to run for Senate in Sisaket Province, you have to wait for the Election Commission to provide information. If it is pointed out to the police, they are ready to prosecute as well. Today, besides coming to observe the Bangkok area, Will travel to Nakhon Ratchasima Province, which is another area where there are a large number of Senate candidates. As for whether or not they can travel to
Sisaket Province, until now it has not been decided.

Source: Thai News Agency

Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Air Force opens a meeting to explain the Air Force personnel management policy.

Bangkok, Responding to the policy of reducing the size of the armed forces, Air Force commander Chaired the opening ceremony of the meeting to explain the Air Force personnel management policy. 2024-2027

Air Chief Marshal Phanpakdee Pattanakul, Commander of the Air Force Chaired the opening ceremony of the meeting to explain the Air Force personnel management policy 2024 – 2027, with senior military officers. Head of the Academic Unit Unit head directly under the Air Force and those responsible for personnel management participated in the ceremony at the lecture room, Royal Thai Air Force Headquarters. On Friday, June 14, 2024

The meeting to clarify the Air Force personnel management policy 2024 – 2027 aims to make the Air Force personnel management policy achieve concrete results. Including the heads of units directly under the Air Force. and all attendees Have a clear and correct understanding of the Air Force personnel management policy and can be used as a guideline for managing and recruiting personne
l appropriately. This is consistent with the current situation where we need to reduce the number. The 20-year national strategy has stipulated that the government sector must be smaller and ready to adapt to change. In addition, the urgent policy of the Minister of Defense Fiscal year 2023 also requires the armed forces The number of personnel deployed at every rank must be continually reduced. The target is set at 5 percent by September 2027.

by the Air Force Commander Said at the opening ceremony of the meeting that, ‘The said policy has resulted in the Air Force having to determine guidelines for reducing personnel. along with planning to support the situation So that the unit can still maintain its ability to carry out its mission. By changing the way of thinking and adopting the principles of developing a new work process that uses various technologies and innovations to be applied to manage personnel and help in operations. In order to carry out the mission efficiently As well as focusing on developin
g personnel to have the ability and skills to work in a variety of fields of study, including being able to work in Cross Function and Multi-Domain with “quality over quantity” in order to drive the organization towards being ‘A strong air force and effective Unbeatable Air Force’ for such reasons. Therefore, it is very necessary for us to create a common understanding and make everyone aware of the overall direction of management of the Air Force personnel in a systematic and concrete manner. Under the Ministry of Defense’s personnel reduction policy Including understanding Guidelines for using the Air Force Personnel Personnel Framework 2024 – 2027, which is consistent with missions, structures, and equipment. under the current context’

Air Chief Marshal Suchat Theparak, Director of the Air Force Personnel Department, As the person responsible for implementing the personnel policy of the Air Force Received the Air Force personnel management policy book 2024 – 2027 from the Air Force Commander. To be used a
s a guideline for personnel management of the Royal Thai Air Force.

Source: Thai News Agency

busy! Opposed to selecting Bangkok Senator in the first round Please count the votes again.

Bangkok, There was an objection to the selection of the Bangkok Senators in the first round, Law and Justice Process Group. Causing the lottery to be selected in the second round to be interrupted.

Selection of provincial-level senators in Bangkok Problems arose in choosing around occupational groups. As for Group 2, the Law and Justice Process Group which had a total of 83 applicants. It appears that after counting the votes There were 3 people who received the highest scores 1-3, which is 4 points, including Pol. Lt. Gen. Suphachet Chokchai, Mr. Athiban Osathanon and Mr. Surachai Thongngam.

As for those who will be in the 4th and 5th places, it was found that there were 13 people in that order who received the same score of 3 points, so they were preparing to draw the lottery. But it appeared that there were 3 candidates whose scores did not meet the criteria to be chosen. They protested and asked for a new vote count. Because he was confident that he would get more points than this. This causes the coun
ting of votes in this group to be disrupted because it must be considered by the Bangkok Election Commission and according to the law, to count new votes, one must wait for the process to be completed first. In addition, the protestors did not protest during the counting.

Then Ms. Manawika Thongprasert, Director of Elections in Bangkok and the Election Commission has come to explain and carried out the lottery drawing while the 3 people who objected walked out of the room and revealed that they saw that the countdown was incorrect. therefore requesting a recount The officials did not agree and did not listen, and he requested to speak with the Election Commission president, but he did not allow them to come and talk with him. And still insists on drawing lots. So he left the conference room. and will report to Thung Song Hong Police Station

However, there were Senate candidates in Group 8, Group 9, and Group 3 who met Mr. Itthiporn Boonprakong, President of the Election Commission, and complained about the
voting system that there were problems in their group. From observation, it was found that in group 9 there were approximately 100 senator applicants. The scores of the senator applicants in this group were 2 who received the same high score, which is 20 points. It was reported that this time the scoring system was blocked. It is believed to be a group that was established.

Source: Thai News Agency

“Mor Rongthong” waives the right to draw the lottery to enter the cross-round round.

Government Center, “Doctor Rongthong” waives his right to draw the lottery to enter the cross-round to choose Senator after the public health group had the same score with 5 people, looking at the other candidates as having quality.

Dr. Rongthian Naenna, Director of Mongkutwattana Hospital, Candidate for Senator Group 4, Public Health Group Gave an interview after giving up the right to draw the lottery to enter the crossover round, saying People have already stated their stance from the beginning that they want to come and elect senators this time to choose good people to do their duties. As for myself, I admit that I don’t have enough determination. Therefore, in the past selection So I didn’t choose myself. But today there are people who voted for him and made it equal to the other candidates. When looking at the names of the finalists and those who received the same score as themselves and had to draw lots, 1 was considered to be a quality person and knew each other, so he waived his right to draw the l
ottery. And from now on, there is no need to keep an eye on the selection of senators at the national level, but it is the duty of every citizen. that must be checked and followed up.

Source: Thai News Agency