The Ministry of Public Health moves forward in expanding “Mini Thanyarak” throughout the country in response to the policies of the Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health.

Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Public Health Responding to the Prime Minister’s policy Solve the drug problem Change addicts into patients Revealed that there are currently 1.9 million patients divided into 3 groups of care: “red-yellow-green” according to severity level. To return good people to society Ready to move forward with Quick Win 100 days according to the policy of the Minister of Public Health. Prepare a registry of psychiatric patients High-risk drugs cause violence Establishing mini-thanyaraks throughout the country. Ready to expand the treatment system through telemedicine in 6 months.

Today (18 September 2023) Dr. Opas Karikawinpong Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Health revealed that in the meeting to drive the prevention, suppression and resolution of drug problems. with Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, presiding, and Dr. Chonnan Srikaew, Minister of Public Health. Attend the meeting at the Bang Pu Industrial Estate Office Samut Prakan Province on September 17th. The Prime Minister has clear intentions to solve the drug problem based on the principles “Change addicts into patients” by persuading and motivating them to seek treatment. and provide assistance to enable them to return to society. This is considered an important role and mission that the Ministry of Public Health has continuously driven forward. There is the Boromarajonani National Institute for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Drug Addicts (SBBOI). ) Department of Medical Services, which is a specialized institution. and Thanyarak Hospital, 6 locations in the region join in providing care There are also hospitals under the Office of the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Public Health and the Department of Mental Health. Open a ward to provide specialized psychiatric and drug care.

Dr. Opas said that he had reported to the meeting about the drug addiction treatment and rehabilitation system of the Ministry of Public Health. that at present the situation of drug patients in Thailand is approximately 1.9 million. There are 9,852 screening centers set up throughout the country to screen and divide the care of drug patients into 3 groups: 1. Patients in the red group with symptoms Severe or drug addicts, there are approximately 2% or 38,000 people. There are 27 Department of Mental Health and Department of Medical Services hospitals providing long-term care for patients for 3-6 months, with the potential to accommodate approximately 3,500 people. When symptoms improve, they will be organized into groups. orange There is a rehabilitation center. of the Army and the Department of Provincial Administration, 61 locations, and has opened mini-tanyaraks in hospitals under the Office of the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Health to provide care to another 42 locations, with the potential to accommodate approximately 20,000 people.

2. Yellow group patients or drug addicts are approximately 24% or 456,000 people who have a central hospital. The general hospital provides outpatient and short-term care at 120 locations and primary care. There are 935 community hospitals that only care for outpatients, all with the potential to accommodate 120,000 patients and 3. Green group patients. or drug users, approximately 74% or 1.4 million people will undergo community-based drug treatment, with approximately 10,000 locations, and when all symptoms improve There will be a social status rehabilitation center. Ministry of Interior: 3,258 places to take care of to return good people to society.

“The Minister of Public Health has announced a policy to raise the level of 30 baht plus with 12 issues, one of which is psychiatry/drugs. There is a Quick Win within 100 days in the treatment and rehabilitation of drug addicts. It will register, screen, treat, and rehabilitate groups of psychiatric drug patients who are at high risk of causing violence (SMI-V) throughout the country. Accelerate the establishment of 4 Friends and Mini Thanyarak to cover the entire country in a systematic manner. seamless It will propose the designation of positions for professional nurses with special expertise in the 42 hospitals that have opened mini-thanyaraks and determine the staffing framework for clinical psychologists to support operations. Including supporting community-based drug treatment operations to cover 50 percent of every subdistrict/community nationwide. In the next 6 months, telemedicine will be used and the treatment system adjusted to be in line with the legal code, developing a System Manager and Care Manager in caring for drug patients and develop cooperation between the army and the Royal Thai Police.

Source: Thai News Agency

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