The case of the shooting of a bank inspector complete and complete

Deputy Commander of the Crime Suppression Division reiterates the case of shooting a bank inspector. complete and complete The testimony and CCTV footage are clear. There is no need for further examination. As for the Phayathai Police Chief’s case, in the past he has been helpful in the case, not denying or not knowing about the incident. Therefore, it is not considered recalcitrant or repetitive in any way.

At 11:30 a.m. Police Colonel Anek Taosupap, Deputy Commander of the Crime Suppression Division. Traveled to a meeting at Provincial Police Region 7 Headquarters, giving an interview to the media that today the Crime Suppression Division’s team Came in to further interview relevant witnesses. Because now The Police Commander has signed the transfer of documents regarding the case of Kamnan Nok ordering the shooting of Inspector Bank. And regarding the corruption case of all 6 police officers, they had been arrested earlier. Let the Crime Suppression Division take responsibility. After receiving the transfer of documents Steps after this Must come and check the facts. Was the original expression complete and complete? If complete and correct There is no need to take any further action. But if it’s still incorrect You must take additional exams to complete your sentences.

As for the case of the great director who has passed away Will it be considered a neglect of duty or not? The Deputy Commander of the Crime Suppression Division stated that Superintendent Bem gave a statement to the investigating officers. Muang Nakhon Pathom Police Station, which requires looking at factual information along with images from CCTV cameras. If it’s wrong, let’s talk about it. As for the director of Phayathai It’s the same. You must look at the information carefully. Because it is a delicate matter But he confirmed that the investigative team will conduct the case honestly and be ready to provide fairness to everyone involved in the incident.

Meanwhile, the reporter asked whether the statement of the Superintendent of Phayathai Police Station yesterday was called a repetition or not. Deputy Commander of the Crime Suppression Division said he could not yet be called. Because he has provided benefits to the case since day one. Not recalcitrant or in denial I don’t know or see anything in the case of the shooting death of a bank inspector. The investigation is complete. In addition, the images from the CCTV cameras and the testimony of eyewitnesses who witnessed the incident are clear, so there is no need for additional examination.

Source: Thai News Agency

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