‘Capt. Thammanat’ pushes golden bananas into a high-value agricultural product.

Phetchaburi, “Capt. Thammanat” visits the Tha Yang Agricultural Market, Phetchaburi Province, to push out quality golden bananas. to high value agricultural products Ready to provide land title deeds for agriculture – factors of production to farmers

Capt. Thammanat Phromphao, Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives, along with Mr. Atthakorn Sirilatthayakorn, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives. Visited the Tha Yang Agricultural Market (Nong Buai), Tha Yang District, Phetchaburi Province. After attending an official Cabinet meeting off-site with Mr. Wisit Srisuwan, Director-General of the Department of Cooperative Promotion, Mr. Prawat Daengbanjong, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Cooperative Promotion, Mr. Mana Bunsang, Manager of Tha Yang Agricultural Cooperative Limited, and executives of agencies under the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives. welcome

Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives Listened to agricultural problems Various needs of cooperative leaders and meet co
operative members, farmer groups, and people in the area who came to welcome us along with providing various operational policies of the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives After that, 100 land title deeds for agriculture were given and factors of production were given. to 20 farmers and listen to a briefing on the results of Golden Banana operations from 4 agencies

Tha Yang Agricultural Cooperative Limited was registered as a cooperative on January 10, 1974. Currently, there are 3,224 members with an operating capital of over 500 million baht. The cooperative conducts business in 4 areas, including the loan business. business of sourcing products for sale, collection business, and central market service business The central market is a trading center for agricultural products. It received a budget from Phetchaburi Province. and the Department of Cooperative Promotion and the cooperative’s own money for construction since 1999, with an area of ??approximately 65 rai. Farmers in Tha Yang District and nea
rby areas Both cooperative members and general farmers will gradually bring their own produce to sell. Whether it is lemons, bananas, Namwa bananas, yardlong beans, eggplant, pineapple, papaya, cucumber, corn, there is both wholesale and retail. The proportion of sales can be divided into wholesale trade of approximately 70 percent and retail trade of approximately 30 percent. Trading hours for farmers begin at 6:30 a.m. onwards. Each day there will be merchants and buyers coming to shop at the market. a lot which is especially bustling in the morning

The buyer and seller will agree on the price of the product among themselves based on their satisfaction and the circumstances of the destination market. This central market can provide benefits to members. It is a center for trading agricultural products for members and farmers in the area, helping farmers or sellers to have a stable source for trading products. Not being taken advantage of or being underpriced Prices can be negotiated directly with buyers. Co
mplete with services and facilities Especially marketing information services for trading in the central market. There is a circulating capital amount in the market of 20 – 25 million baht per day, depending on the price of agricultural crops. During this time, the price of lemons is quite good. As a result, there is a relatively large amount of money circulating. As a result, cooperative members who bring produce to sell can earn income to support themselves and their families as well.

However, golden bananas are considered the main agricultural product of the cooperative. It has been very popular with consumers. Currently, there are 231 members registered to grow bananas with the cooperative. They have a cultivation area of ??approximately 2,000 rai/year. Golden bananas are produced in large numbers during the months of November – February. The average yield is 2.5 tons per rai. They are distributed. Both the domestic market and the international market are divided into the domestic market of approximately
4,000 tons per year, available at 7-11, Tops, Big C, Fuji supercenter, Foodland, etc. and the important foreign market is Japan, exporting approximately 200 tons/ In addition, there has been an extension of taking ungraded bananas and processing them into various products to add value, such as banana cake, solar-powered baked bananas, broken bananas, etc.

In addition, the production of golden bananas by this cooperative It is a production system that is 100% safe from toxins, using organic fertilizers for planting. Including planting in areas suitable for growth. It has received GAP certification for safe cultivation of golden bananas and has a sorting system that meets GMP, HACCP standards. At present, the cooperative has succeeded in solving the poverty problem of its members by promoting the cultivation of golden bananas. and can disseminate knowledge to those who are interested By creating a learning center and study visits on the topic of safe golden bananas. Both in the banana plots of members and at t
he cooperative. which is a sorting factory There are also people interested in study tours from government agencies, the private sector, both domestically and abroad.

Department of Cooperative Promotion By Phetchaburi Provincial Cooperative Office Promoted and introduced cooperatives to provide knowledge to members so that they have an understanding of the cooperative system. Encourage the formation of groups to grow golden bananas. Use marketing principles to lead production. and provide knowledge to improve the quality of agricultural product production as well as integrating with network partners To create added value for Golden Bananas Bringing in innovation to help reduce costs Reduce losses from the production process to the hands of consumers. In addition, knowledge is promoted. and skills for the cooperative’s marketing staff In order to have enough knowledge to transfer, members are recommended to grow golden bananas. Currently, members of Tha Yang Agricultural Cooperative Limited can manage the coo
perative. Including being able to solve problems by yourself The cooperative has set strategies to encourage members to grow quality golden bananas and send them to consumers both domestically and abroad. to add value Generate income for farmers and pass it on to farmers’ heirs to maintain it in the community.

Source: Thai News Agency