PEA warns about the dangers of using electricity in the event of rainstorms and strong winds.

Provincial Electricity Authority Warning about the dangers of using electricity in the event of a rainstorm or strong wind gusts.

Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) asks people to follow weather news. Warning announcements from government agencies and closely related agencies To prepare for life safety from rainstorms and strong winds as follows:

In the event that a tree falls on a broken power line, do not approach it. Call the Provincial Electricity Authority officials. Please check and cut off the electricity.

Do not step off the vehicle. Use the method of jumping from the car to the ground.

Walk out of the vehicle with both feet together and move forward.

Do not allow any part of your body to touch the vehicle. May cause an electric shock.

A safe distance is at least 3 meters from the vehicle and the broken electrical wires.

Do not take long steps or run. Because you may be electrocuted from the voltage difference between the two feet.

However, if you see a damaged distribution system or elec
trical equipment Notify PEA officials near your home to take corrective action immediately or call 1129 PEA Contact Center, a 24-hour electricity consumer information service center, or notify through the PEA Smart Plus application.

Source: Thai News Agency