Commerce pulls in “army” to strengthen Thai SME businesses

Nonthaburi,, Deputy Minister of Commerce joins hands with the “Army” to strengthen the SME business sector, especially focusing on opening up areas. Bringing 12 community product entrepreneurs under the promotion of ISOC Region 1 to be stronger. Hoping to create good food Live well for the people

Mr. Naphinthorn Srisanpang, Deputy Minister of Commerce, revealed that today he had the honor of presiding over the opening ceremony and witnessing the signing ceremony of cooperation to promote and support entrepreneurs between the Department of Business Development and the Armed Forces. Region 1 and the Internal Security Operations Command Region 1 (ISOC Region 1) at the Burachatchaiyakorn Room, 4th floor, Ministry of Commerce. The signing of this MOU is a step forward in line with the urgent mission of the Ministry of Commerce. that aims to drive the Thai economy to grow along with building the capacity of the Thai business sector, especially small businesses or SMEs, which have more than 3.18 million, with the
goal of increasing the GDP MSME share in the next 3 years to 40 percent from Previously it was 35.3 percent. Therefore, the Department of Business Development has been assigned to accelerate cooperation with external agencies related to the development and promotion of SMEs or small entrepreneurs. Ready to support strengthening businesses under the mission of the department. to the best of your ability Starting the process

Under this MOU, the area will be opened. Take 12 entrepreneurs of community products under the promotion of ISOC Region 1, with entrepreneurs selected from groups of provinces in the region. Central and Eastern regions, a total of 26 provinces, over 125 products, participating in the upcoming large-scale exhibition under the name of the Thai SME Synergy Expo: THAILAND SME Synergy Expo 2024, scheduled to take place between 19-23 June 2024 at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, Hall 5-6, LG Floor

Mrs. Oramon Sapthaweetham Director-General of the Department of Business Development said
, ‘This MOU is an important step in cooperation that expands proactive operations with the Armed Forces. 1/Isoc Region 1 that supports community occupational groups in the central and eastern provinces The Department of Business Development is willing to cooperate and create trade and marketing opportunities. Develop knowledge Product development and other aspects Necessary in running a business. The first activities that will take place are 2 activities: Thai SME Synergy Expo: THAILAND SME Synergy Expo 2024 on 19-23 June 2024 at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center. of the Ministry of Commerce There will also be entrepreneurs at the OTOP Midyear sale on 8-16 June 2024 at IMPACT Muang Thong Thani. It is believed that this operation will create growth Thailand’s economic stability and can respond to government policy.’

Lieutenant General Chisanupong Rodsiri, Commander of the 1st Army Region and Director of Internal Security, Region 1, said, ‘The 1st Army Region, in addition to having a mission to protect
the country. and maintain internal stability There is another important role as the Internal Security Operations Command Region 1, which is integration with all sectors to promote economic stability. Its mission is in accordance with the national strategic plan “Subdistrict, stable, prosperous, and sustainable” that is committed to supporting the strengthening of Emphasis is placed on promoting entrepreneurs in the area to earn income. Able to care for oneself and family Continuing to develop the potential of entrepreneurs in all 26 provinces in the area of ??responsibility of the 1st Army Region, including personnel in product research development. Strengthen the skills needed to run a business and expand various distribution channels In order to reach more consumer groups which will play a part in driving the country’s economic development to be stable, prosperous and sustainable.

Deputy Minister of Education added that ‘This MOU for cooperation to promote and support entrepreneurs combines the strengths a
nd potential of both agencies to create opportunities for businesses and citizens to operate sustainable businesses. Make the community stronger and has coordinated with department stores, Modern Trade to sell products to increase distribution channels. Including some products that can be developed Add value and drive exports to foreign countries Create more income for the people.’

The Deputy Minister of Commerce also said that he is confident that the cooperation between these two agencies will join forces to grow the Thai economy. Especially small and medium sized entrepreneurs. To have the opportunity to access development There is an extension of trade. And thank you to all our partner agencies. who attended today’s event and select good quality products to enter the market together.

Source: Thai News Agency