Zimbabwe Vice President pays courtesy visit to Amin


Vice President Ma’ruf Amin received a courtesy visit from the first Vice President of Zimbabwe, Constantine Chiwenga, at his office on Tuesday.

“The Vice President has just received an official visit from Zimbabwe (Vice President). During the (Chiwenga’s) visit, his entourage consisted of many persons, and they had many bilateral interests (that were) conveyed to the Vice President,” vice presidential spokesperson Masduki Baidlowi said at a press conference here the same day.

The spokesperson confirmed that Chiwenga will visit some industrial sites to explore potential cooperation with Indonesia in the industry, economic, and other bilateral spheres.

Chiwenga, who is also serving as Zimbabwe’s Minister of Health and Child Care, also invited Amin to reciprocate his visit, he added.

“God Willing, if the Vice President has the opportunity, we will visit Zimbabwe,” Baidlowi remarked.

Meanwhile, the secretary of the Foreign Affairs Ministry’s Directorate General of Asia-Pacific and Africa, Trisari Dyah Paramita, said that the Zimbabwean Vice President will attend the 2022 Sector Ministers’ Meeting (SMM) on Sanitation and Water For All, which has been organized by Indonesia.

She confirmed that Chiwenga will also visit some state-owned companies, such as PT LEN, PT Pindad, and Bio Farma, to explore the possibility of cooperation in their respective industry fields.

During Chiwenga’s visit to pharmaceutical company Bio Farma in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia will promote cooperation on vaccines, medicines, and pharmacy industry development, which would make Zimbabwe a distribution hub in Africa.

During his visit to PT Pindad in Bandung, Chiwenga will be offered weapons and arms to modernize the Zimbabwean military, as well as other heavy equipment to improve the Zimbabwean mining industry.

He will also be offered cooperation to modernize the railway network in Zimbabwe during his visit to PT LEN.

Source: Antara News