Yogyakarta Airport serves 56,044 passengers in past five days


Yogyakarta International Airport (YIA) served 56,044 passengers during the first six days of Eid integrated air transport command post which commenced on April 25, 2022, state-owned airport operator Angkasa Pura I said.

The passengers comprised 36,079 arriving passengers and 19,965 departing passengers, YIA General Manager Agus Pandu Purnama said on Sunday.

“The realization of the 2022/1443 Eid integrated air transport command post grew 4,390.71 percent compared to that of 2021,” he said.

During the first six days of the 2022 Eid integrated air transport command post, Angkasa Pura I recorded 402 flights or a 2,133.33 percent rise and 143,557 kilograms of cargoes or a 80.49 percent rise.

“Just on April 30, 2022 or two days ahead of Eid-al-Fitr, we recorded 10,532 passengers, 74 flights and 23,101 kilograms of cargoes through YAI,” he said.


Agus Pandu said the peak of Eid homecoming exodus occurred on Friday (April 29) or three days ahead of Eid-al-Fitr with the airport serving 11,083 passengers, up 123.58 percent compared to the same period of 2021.

Meanwhile, the number of flights swelled 77.27 percent to 78 with 23,438 kilograms of cargoes.

“Judging by the growth we are optimistic that YIA as one of the airports managed by PT Angkasa Pura I can contribute positively in the future,” he said.

“To support smooth operation we will continue to ensure the preparedness of facilities and all personnel so that all airport service users will receive good services. ,” he said.

“We will ensure that the airport’s operations will be realized through the principles of 3S + 1C (Safety, Security, Services and Compliance) to support the government in ensuring safe, comfortable and healthy trips. “ he said.

Source: Antara News