Would-be suicide bomber detained in Turkey

A would-be female suicide bomber has been detained during a special operation in Turkey’s Konya province, the Dogan news agency reported May 7.

Reportedly, the 25-year-old Turkish citizen is a member of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) terrorist group and was planning to commit a terrorist attack in one of the malls in the province.

Another four people, who had close ties to the would-be suicide bomber, were also detained.

Earlier, a suicide bomber who was a member of the Al-Qaeda terrorist organization was detained in Turkey.

Turkey’s intelligence service earlier warned about the possibility of new terrorist attacks in the country.

Turkey faced deadly terrorist attacks in March.

On March 13, a car bomb attack in Ankara left 37 people dead. Istanbul was also targeted by a suicide attack on March 19, leaving five people dead. Turkish authorities have accused the IS, the PKK and the PYD terrorist groups for the attacks.

Source: Trend