West Nusa Tenggara sets up corona cisis center

Mataram, W Nusa Tenggara The Provincial Government of West Nusa Tenggara (NTB), has formed a corona crisis center (3C) in response to the coronavirus cases in various countries and to anticipate news and information in the community.

The center, in one of Indonesia’s major tourist destinations, would deal with various matters related to information and questions coming from the public, update data on the current situation, including various medical treatments needed by the local people, Lalu Gita Ariadi, the NTB provincial administration’s secretary, said here Tuesday.

“The coronavirus crisis center functions as a center for information, medic treatment, and rescue and recovery,” Ariadi explained.

He called on relevant local officials to support the C3, by immediately providing the latest data and information, among other things, concerning tourism in NTB, NTB students in China, and the province’s preparations in anticipation of coronavirus suspects entering the province through local airports, seaports and bus terminals.

The crisis center was indeed crucial to respond to the current conditions, Head of the NTB Provincial Public Relations and Protocol Bureau Najamuddin Amy said.

“The crisis center will also carry out educational information for the public, especially in providing peace of mind that the government is always present for its people in various situations,” he said.

Source: Antara News