West Jakarta PBB-P2 Tax Realization Exceeds The Target

West Jakarta Urban and Rural Land and Building Tax (PBB-P2) realization in 2018 reaches Rp 1.36 trillion or 105.6 percent from total target Rp 1.29 trillion.

In order to achieve its target, West Jakarta Taxation and Local Retribution Sub-agency Head, Hendarto stated, his side cooperates with 56 urban village head and eight sub-districts in West Jakarta.

“In 2018, we have collected Rp 1.36 trillion for PBB-P2 tax revenue from eight sub-districts. It exceeds our target Rp 1.29 trillion,” he conveyed, Wednesday (1/16).

By the end 2018, his side collected Rp 3.16 trillion or 93.1 percent from total target Rp 3.61 trillion from revised City Budget (APBD-P) 2018.

The second highest tax collecting after PBB-P2 is hotel tax with total Rp 165.21 billion or 99.08 percent from target Rp 166.75 billion. Next is entertainment tax that reaches Rp 182.83 billion or 96.94 percent from total target Rp 188.61 billion.

“While for restaurant tax is collected Rp 494.35 million or 95.11 percent and parking tax is collected Rp 75.72 million or 94.96 percent,” he added.

Besides, his side collected Rp 185.53 million or 86.93 percent from billboard tax, Rp 876.07 million or 77.7 percent from Property Transfer Fee (BPHTB) tax, and Rp 17.37 million or 67.83 percent from Groundwater Tax (PAX).

“We continue to coordinate with stakeholder thus tax collecting can be optimized in 2019,” he conveyed.

Source: Berita Jakarta