W Kalimantans police, BNN foil attempt to smuggle crystal meth

Pontianak, W Kalimantan (ANTARA News) – The West Kalimantan police and National Narcotics Agency (BNN) personnel thwarted an attempt to smuggle 916.47 grams of crystal methamphetamine and a large number of rupiah, ringgit, and Singapore dollar banknotes.

Four of five suspects had been apprehended, while the other one, identified as a Nigerian national, escaped, Chief of West Kalimantan Provinces police Inspector General Didi Haryono said here on Monday.

The four suspects were all Indonesian nationals. During the joint operation, the law enforcers also confiscated a total of 916.47 grams of crystal meth, more than Rp165 millions, Sing$3,000, and 7,000 Malaysian ringgit, he noted.

One of the arrested suspects, Rian Pandu Saputra, was a drug convict who has been serving a life sentence at the Pontianak Penitentiary of Class II A for smuggling 17 kilograms of crystal meth, he stated.

The three other suspects were only identified as RBS, Za, and Hen, Zas wife. Each of them played a different role. RBS was a courier of the 916.47 grams of smuggled crystal meth, while Za was a drug dealer, and his wife, Hen, functioned as a treasurer.

Haryono further revealed that Za had been sentenced to 10 years in prison for drug offenses, while Hen managed to earn money from drug trafficking activities.

The West Kalimantan police and BNN officers foiled this trans-national drug rings attempt to smuggle the crystal meth on Aug 30, 2018, after nabbing two other suspects, only identified as Bay and RS, shortly after leaving the Pontianak Prison.

The police and BNN officers then conducted a search on them and found 916.47 grams of crystal meth, packed in five transparent bags and hidden in a car that they used for transporting the drug, he revealed.

Based on the tips from Bay and RS, the police and BNN investigators then arrested Za and his wife, Hen, and a number of people, whose status remained witnesses, along with the crystal meth, cash, three luxury cars, and two motorcycles, he added.

Haryono pointed out that the suspects would be charged under chapters of the criminal code that could either be death sentences or life in imprisonment.

Source: ANTARA News