W Java to implement work-from-home policy in future: Governor

Internal Affairs

The West Java provincial government is preparing to implement work from home as a future work method for state civil servants, Governor M. Ridwan Kamil has said.

In the future, some of the state civil servants’ work would be performed from home using a system that employs sophisticated digital technology, he informed in Bandung city on Monday.

Kamil led the morning ceremony at the West Java Regional Personnel Agency (BKD) along with dozens of state civil servants on Monday, the first day after the 2022 Eid Holiday.

He said that the agency’s current task is to identify the employees who could work from home and those who would need to still work from the office.

The method or system is still being studied, he disclosed. The new habits have created the possibility of a new pattern of work under which some meetings could be conducted via Zoom, he said. They could try to make it a permanent thing, if possible.

State civil servants in the West Java provincial government must innovate in order to offer maximum services.

“West Java civil servants must not stop innovating and collaborating. So, they must continue to think and produce innovations. (Their efforts) include having to continuously compel all stakeholders to collaborate. It is our duty to serve wholeheartedly and provide services to citizens, (whether) they understand ( them well) or (take some time) to understand,” the governor said.

He urged the West Java government’s state civil servants to come up with a program and ideas that would make people happy. They have always been the best in terms of reforms and adaptations, he added.

In response to the directives from the Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform Minister, Tjahjo Kumolo, regarding the implementation of the work-from-home policy from May 9 to May 13, 2022, the governor disclosed that the West Java government will still refer to the West Java regional secretary’s circular.

The circular is in accordance with the Instructions of the Home Affairs Ministry and the Circular from the Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform Ministry, he added.

The head of the regional apparatus organization could formulate a work-from-home schedule in accordance with the zone and level of COVID-19 transmission. The circular of the West Java regional secretary also states that employees can apply for leave after collective leave on holidays.

They can also give leave days while taking into account the characteristics of the work, workload, and the number of employees, head of the West Java BKD, Yerry Yanuar, informed.

Source: Antara News