VP calls on workers to participate in May Day commemoration peacefully

Jakarta Vice President JusufKalla called on workers to participate in the commemoration of International Labor Day on May 1 in an orderly and peaceful manner.

“The Commemoration of Labor Day should be peaceful and orderly. You can hold rallies but don’t obstruct traffic,” Kalla said at the Vice Presidential Palace on Tuesday.

Regarding the planned arrival of presidential candidate PrabowoSubianto during the Commemoration of Labor Day at IstoraSenayan, the vice president said that anyone could attend the event.

“Anyone can attend the Commemoration of Labor Day,” he affirmed.

Previously, Greater Indonesia Movement (Gerindra) Party deputy general chairman FadliZon said that PrabowoSubianto would attend the Commemoration of Labor Day at IstoraSenayan Jakarta on Wednesday.

“Prabowo always attends the commemoration of Labor Day every year,” he said.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the Confederation of Indonesian Workers Union (KSPI), Said Iqbal, said that about 50 thousand workers would attend the Commemoration of Labor Day at IstoraSenayan.

The commemoration will begin at 10:00 a.m, which will see the participation of masses of workers from Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi, Karawang, Purwakarta, Serang, Banten and Cilegon.

The workers will discuss seven demands, namely rejecting low wages, abolishing the outsourcing system, increasing the benefits of health insurance and pension insurance, urging a reduction in electricity tariffs and staple food prices, urging an increase in the income of teachers, honorary workers and online drivers, as well as asking the Government to uphold a fair democracy in the 2019 Presidential Election.

The Indonesian Police will deploy 25 thousand joint personnel involving the military, the police, the department of transportation and others to safeguard the celebration of Labor Day.

Source: Antara News