Volcanic Material Used To Build A Park In Seribu Islands

A park is planned to be constructed in front of Religious Affairs (KUA) office, Harapan Island Urban Village, North Seribu Islands. The construction will use material from Mount Anak Krakatau (child of Krakatoa).

Harapan Island Urban Village Secretary, Andry Apriano stated, his side will build 300 square meters park and hoard its land using 50 cubic meters volcanic material.

“We build this 300 square meters park to add more green spaces in Harapan Island Urban Village,” he conveyed, Tuesday (1/8).

Land that will be built as a park is actually a basin-shaped land. Remaining residential building materials are collected to cover the curved part. Currently, his side has leveled the land surface using those materials.

“We deploy 25 PPSU personnel to build the park,” he informed.

Source: Berita Jakarta