Value of North Sulawesi’s non-oil, gas exports drops sharply

Manado, N Sulawesi (ANTARA) – The value of non-oil and gas exports of North Sulawesi in April 2019 again recorded a sharp drop than the previous period.

“In comparison with March 2019, North Sulawesi’s export performance decreased by 18.66 percent, and as compared to the previous year, it fell by 44.24 percent,” Head of the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) of North Sulawesi Dr Ateng Hartono remarked in Manado on Monday.

Hartono noted that in March 2019, North Sulawesi’s exports of US$68.81 million, dropped 18.66 percent, to reach $55.96 million.

In comparison with the corresponding period in 2018 (y-on-y), it reduced by 44.24 percent, from $100.25 million, to $55.96 million.

This month, vegetable oils and fats continued to dominate export commodities, but in April, there was a decline in this group’s share of total exports to 36.97 percent, than 45.71 percent recorded last month.

This group of goods was exported in April to six destination countries, respectively from the highest value: the United States, China, Brazil, South Korea, the Netherlands, and Malaysia.

The export value of HS 15 class of goods witnessed a decline of 34.20 percent in the FOB value from the previous month (m-to-m). Superior export commodities comprised processed coconut products, including VCO, copra, and coconut oil, with industrial companies spread across the North Sulawesi Regency/City.

Raw material for the processing industry producing this commodity came from imports between regions, the area around North Sulawesi Province, in addition to the results of the local plantation of Nyiur Melambai.

The United States emerged the top destination country for North Sulawesi’s non-oil and gas exports in April 2019, worth $12.99 million, or 23.21 percent of the total value of non-oil and gas exports. Animal or vegetable fats and oils (HS 15) held top position, as in February 2019 (m-to-m), though the value decreased by 12 percent than the previous month.

In April 2019, he remarked that most non-oil and gas export commodities were sent through several ports outside North Sulawesi, although exports through the ports in North Sulawesi were still of high value.

The biggest exports of goods from North Sulawesi in April 2019 valued at $18.26 million, or 32.63 percent of the total exports, were recorded through the Tanjung Priok Port.

“A drastic decline was recorded in the export value from Bitung Port, the largest in North Sulawesi, which is 45.41 percent (m-to-m), for which precautionary measures are necessary,” he noted.

Source: Antara News