Uno strives to boost economy of the people

Pasuruan, E Java, (ANTARA News) – Candidate for Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia, Sandiaga Uno, will continue to strive to boost the economy of the people.

In addition, he would endeavor to strengthen ukhuwah (relations) and guard the Ahlussunnah Wal Jamaah (following the prophets sunnah in life), as well as make santri (Islamc students) the spearhead of economic growth through the santripreneur program.

“It is time for the peoples economy to be strengthened. During each visit to the Islamic boarding school, I am mandated to mobilize the economy of the people, maintain ukhuwah (relations), and guard the Ahlussunnah Wal Jamaah (following the prophets sunnah in life),” Uno stated at a meeting with Kyai, Habaib, and Community Leaders throughout Pasuruan Regency in Bangil, Pasuruan District, East Java, on Tuesday.

He noted that his party would strengthen its commitment to make santri (Islamic students) as the locomotive for future development, especially economic development.

“Santri is extraordinary, because his religious knowledge is very good. If he gains knowledge about commerce and entrepreneurship, it will have an extraordinary impact on the progress of the economy and the overall development of the nation,” he remarked through a press statement.

The gathering with Habaib and Kyai of Pasuruan District was coordinated by Habib Abu Bakar Assegaf, by inviting caregivers of Islamic boarding schools.

Also present at the event were KH Abdulloh Saukat, KH Fuad Nur Hasan, caretaker of Sidogiri Islamic Boarding School (ponpes), KH Abdulloh Zaini caretaker of the Besuk Islamic boarding school, KH Malikulkarim Caregiver of Kramat Ponpes, KH Asnawi Fauzan caretaker of Riyadlu Thullab Lekok Islamic Boarding School, and Habib Muhammad bin taufiq (Habib Taufiks son) Sunni Ponpes.

During his visit to Pasuruan, Uno also took the time to meet cattle farmers in Tutur, Pasuruan.

“We will mobilize the Indonesian economy through small and medium entrepreneurs as well as by making fishermen, farmers, farmers, and all levels of Indonesian society prosperous,” he explained while meeting farmers in Pasuruan.

Source: Antara News