UN CALLING ASIA: UN seeks to “embed” human rights in Afghanistan

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Human rights issues need to be embedded in Afghanistan as a central part of the country’s political and social culture.That’s according to a senior UN official in the country. Afghanistan has experienced years of instability, most recently caused by the ongoing threat of violence by the outlawed Taliban movement. The issue of high civilian deaths continues to be a major human rights concern, but progress has been made following successful talks with the Taliban. Andre-Michel Essoungou has been talking to Georgette Gagnon, the Director of the Human Rights Unit of the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan’s (UNAMA).

Slow genocide” is happening in West Papua, says an indigenous person

Thousands of indigenous people in West Papua have been killed since the territory was annexed by Indonesia in 1969, according to a representative of indigenous people from the territory. Herman Waingai, a visiting scholar at George Mason University in the United States, attended this year’s session of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. He said the people of West Papua in the western part of the island of New Guinea would like to have their own government but are being forced by the military to be part of Indonesia. Derrick Mbatha caught up with Mr. Waingai in the corridors of the United Nations to discuss the situation of West Papua.

More people than ever before rely on fisheries and aquaculture for food

More people than ever before are relying on fisheries and aquaculture for food and as a source of income. That’s according to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). But, the UN agency’s “State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture” report is warning that wastage, harmful practices and poor management threaten the sector’s sustainability. Global fisheries and aquaculture production totalled 158 million tonnes in 2012 – around 10 million tonnes more than 2010. Sandra Ferrari has been speaking to Lahsen Ababouch, Director of the Fisheries and Aquaculture Policy and Economics Division at FAO about the growth in the sector.

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