UK invites Indonesian companies to join tender

The UK government has invited Indonesian companies engaged in defense and security industry to take part in a tender as state suppliers in the country.

“Since around May, we have actively encouraged Indonesian companies to join a tender in the British defense program we carry out as global competition. Therefore, this program is obviously very competitive,” Regional Director within the UK Department for International Trade for defense and security organization (DIT DSO), Alexis Hammer, stated at the JIEXPO Kemayoran Jakarta on Wednesday.

Hammer came to Indonesia to lead the UK delegation, consisting of 16 companies engaged in defense and security, to attend Indo Defense 2018 held at JIEXPO Kemayoran, Jakartam from Nov 7 to 10.

Indonesian companies that wish to take part in the tender can register with the UK Department for Defense on and fill registration documents for suppliers.

“Indonesian companies can register and offer their potential products because we are looking for potential contracts with Indonesian companies in the future,” he added.

Indonesia has the same rights and capability as other sovereign states to defend themselves against various emerging threats today and its technology is not inferior to that of other countries, he remarked.

Source: ANTARA News