Tri Sugiarti, IKM who Transforms Waste Paper into Useful Products

Tri Sugiarti, resident of RT 08/02, Jalan Kampung Baru II, Ulujami Urban Village, Pesanggrahan, South Jakarta hires local residents to work in her handicraft shop. This shop sells various products made from waste paper.

” I can earn Rp 6-8 million per month”

She initiated to start this business since 2014. Previously, she joined training held by Ulujami PKK. In this training, she learns how to make products from waste papers. After gaining the skills, she tried to start this business.

“It was quite hard at first since I didn’t have much money. Then I got capital loan Rp 300,000 from RT petty cash. I tried to make some goods and sell it. In that time, I earned profit Rp 100,000,” she explained, Tuesday (3/12).

In the meantime, she joined Small Medium Industries (IKM) coached by South Jakarta Industry and Energy Sub-department to gain some knowledge and network to develop her business.

“Formerly I bought waste paper from the collectors, but now people sell their waste paper to me. I can make 60 products from waste paper now. I have recruited 7 people from my neighbors. One disabled-person and 6 elderly,” she mentioned.

She wants this business to give benefits to many people. So, she teaches her neighbors to create some goods thus they can increase their income by selling it.

She sells her products online with brand “Kreasi Menik” and offline by participating various bazaars. Its price is between Rp 5,000 until Rp 1,000,000.

She creates various goods such as tissue boxes, trays, bed lights, miniature petromax lamps, glass lids, baskets, flower vases, and others.

“One set of table made of waste paper is sold for Rp 1 million. I can earn Rp 6-8 million per month,” she added.

Due to her hard work in empowering the surrounding community, she won the 1st place of Business to Increase Family Income Competition at the provincial level, 1st place at the provincial level UKM Award, and Kalpataru Award at the Provincial level for Environmental Development category in 2018.

Acting South Jakarta Head (Plt), Syamsul Bahri appreciates residents who have developed their business as well as empowering the locals. His side continues to give training and assistance for IKMs who start their business.

“I think online training is needed because people mostly use online platform for shopping. We also need to train IKMs to design their product’s packaging,” he stated.

Source: Berita Jakarta