Transportation minister urges people to not conduct early homecoming

Transportation Minister Budi Karya Sumadi has appealed to the public to desist from traveling to hometowns in the midst of the homecoming (mudik) ban scheduled to be enforced on Thursday.

“They (the community members) go home early when (the ban) will only be enforced tomorrow. It would be better for the public to not do it, and officials need to tighten restrictions more effectively,” he stated during an online discussion on FMB9 titled “Guard Families, No Mudik” here on Wednesday.

Sumadi remarked that the government will tighten procedures for Indonesian Immigrant Workers (PMI) keen on returning to their hometowns during Eid al Fitr (Lebaran) this year by strengthening the procedure for two PCR tests and isolation for four days.

“We expected the repatriation of immigrants from China and India to Indonesia to go well,” he affirmed.

Furthermore, the minister remarked that despite domestic travel being allowed, its implementation must focus on Micro-Scale Community Activity Restrictions (Micro-Scale PPKM).

“Another possibility is that some people are looking for alternative ways, and I believe the police can control it. We must also commit that service providers would make good preparations, so that homecoming activities can optimally comply with the health protocol rules,” he stated.

Sumadi spoke of his ministry also taking firm action against transporters not holding operating permits. Moreover, the ministry will forge intensive coordination with local governments at the border to restrict the possible movement of immigrant workers.

Additionally, the government will intensify supervision on transportation services as well as equalize perceptions about the mudik.

“We must be strict but also humane. Although local travel is allowed, these trips must be tightened with the application of micro-scale PPKM regulations,” according to the minister.

Source: Antara News