Transjakarta Is Targeting To Serve 231 Million Passengers In 2019

PT. Transjakarta’s target in 2019 is to transport 231 million passengers in 236 routes. It is noted that total Transjakarta passengers in 2018 reaches 186.77 million people which is increased by 31 percent from 2017 with 144.72 million people.

PT. Transjakarta President Director, Agung Wicaksono said, this amount can be achieved since there are additional 33 routes into 155 routes by the end of 2018. While in 2017, Transjakarta only served 122 routes.

“Transjakarta is targeting 231 million passengers and 236 routes in 2019,” he asserted, Tuesday (1/1).

In order to increase number of passengers, his side will improve several transportation integration services. Such as to build interconnection facility between Transjakarta shelters and Jakarta MRT stations which is started from Bundaran HI and Tosari shelters. Later on, it will be continued with CSW Sisingamangaraja and Lebak Bulus shelters.

Moreover, his side will also build interconnection facility between Pemuda Rawamangun shelter and Velodrome LRT station in Rawamangun thus Transjakarta and Jakarta LRT integration could be realized.

“Transjakarta will be always present and leading to serve all Jakarta residents,” he conveyed.

Source: Berita Jakarta