Transjakarta Employees Get Banking Facilities

PT Transportation Jakarta (Transjakarta), signed cooperation agreement (PKS) along with Bank DKI, Tuesday (1/15).

It was done to give facilities on Transjakarta employees such as, multipurpose credit (KMG), home ownership credit (KPR), working capital credit, investment credit for company and Banking E-Channel services in financial management.

“It’s surely helping them to get banking services. This is one form of Transjakarta management’s commitment to employees,” he expressed.

The agreement itself includes placement of funds for certain operational activities as needed, payment of employee income to opening savings accounts, deposits and checking accounts.

“It will be mutually beneficial by using banking services that improve the performance and public transportation services for the community,” he stated.

Bank DKI Finance Director, Sigit Prastowo, uttered, with KMG, it would improve the performance of Bank DKI consumptive loans.

“Especially in KMG towards captive Market of Jakarta civil servants and regional-owned enterprises (BUMD),” he said.

Source: Berita Jakarta