Traditional markets still attractive for buyers: President

Yogyakarta (ANTARA News) – President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) opined that Indonesias traditional markets still hold appeal for buyers despite the fast growth in modern malls.

“(Traditional) markets still hold their power and attraction if they can be well-arranged. Not muddy or stinky, and there are parking lots,” Jokowi noted after an impromptu visit to Kranggan Market here on Wednesday.

Based on the fact, he remarked that the government had continued its program to rehabilitate and build traditional markets, and over 2,600 markets had been renovated during the past four years.

“We build and rehabilitate markets that have become the peoples destination for shopping. All must be well-arranged. There are parking lots, not muddy and stinky,” he stated.

Traditional markets should be capable of competing with modern malls and retailers.

“We can see, today, so many people shop here in the traditional market. It means that (traditional) markets still have their power and attraction if they can be well-arranged,” the president reiterated.

During the visit, Jokowi bought some raw food which he said could hardly be found in modern malls.

“Like this raw emping (gnetum gnemon chips) and winged bean. There is no winged bean in malls,” Jokowi stated.

He disclosed that the government will also rehabilitate the Prawirotaman market in Yogyakarta.

“God willing (Insya Allah), it (the rehabilitation) will be started in 2019,” he added.

Reported by Agus Salim

Source: ANTARA News