Trade Ministry’s strategy to develop national products is apposite

Jakarta President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) expressed belief that the Ministry of Trade (Kemendag) has in place the right strategy to develop national products.

“The Ministry of Trade has the right policies and strategies to develop the market for our national products,” President Jokowi stated at the opening of the 2021 Ministry of Trade National Working Meeting at the State Palace, Jakarta, on Thursday.

President Jokowi supports the ministry’s strategy to support products made in Indonesia and shopping centers as well as provide space for Indonesian products, especially of MSMEs.

“Do not allow foreign brands to occupy the front room and strategic locations. This must start to shift. They are shifted to a place that is not strategic. A strategic place, which is good, is given to local brands,” the president expounded.

President Jokowi also called for people to favor brands offering local products over and above those from abroad.

“This is because our population is over 270 million, which is a large market. The call to love our own products must continue to be echoed,” President Jokowi emphasized.

The president expects people to become loyal consumers of Indonesian products while also emphasizing the need to give serious attention to the export market.

“To this end, I call for expanding non-traditional markets. Do not get trapped in the same export market. Now, we need to work seriously on new markets,” President Jokowi stressed.

Source: Antara News