Trade ministry inspects basic commodities in Manokwari

Manokwari, W Papua (ANTARA) – The Trade Ministry authorities held a sudden inspection of basic necessities in Manokwari District, West Papua, ahead of Ramadhan and Eid al-Fitr. The inspection, carried out by the regional government and State Logistics Agency (Bulog), was done at traditional markets, Bulog warehouses and goods distributors.

Sutriono Edi, Ministry of Trade’s Market Security Expert Staff, confirmed this, saying that the inspection was carried out to ensure the availability of all basic commodities in all regions.

“If the stock is stable, hopefully, the price will be stable, so that the people are not burdened with the prices of basic commodities,” he said.

During this operation, it was discovered that the prices of a number of commodities had increased, including eggs and broiled chicken, with a significant increase also being reported in the prices of red onions and garlic.

Shallots, which were originally in the price range of Rp. 30,000-35,000 per kilogram, rose to Rp. 60,000-Rp. 65,000 per kilogram.

Similarly, garlic, which was originally sold at Rp. 35,000-Rp. 40,000 per kilogram, rose in the range of Rp. 65,000-Rp. 70,000 per kilogram.

Cayenne which has experienced a significant increase of Rp120,000 per kilogram has returned to its original rate of Rp35,000 per kilogram.

“The price of chilies rises when there is no supply from farmers,” said Wanini, one of the traders at Pasar Wosi.

Source: ANTARA News