Trade Ministry ensures consumer rights fulfillment in digital shopping


The Trade Ministry is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that consumers’ rights in digital shopping are met.

“The Trade Ministry has established cooperation with the Indonesian E-Commerce Association (IdEA) that serves as a spearhead to select merchants keen to join them,” Director General of Consumer Protection and Sound Commerce Veri Anggrijono stated here on Thursday.

The Trade Ministry has urged IdEA to conduct research, so that products sold online align with the existing rules, he remarked.

“Hence, we educate (those starting) from the upstream about how the products they sell can meet the regulation. For instance, helmets must have an Indonesian National Standard (SNI) Certificate. Its label must also be clear, whether it is a local or foreign product,” he explained.

Thus, consumers will feel more secure and comfortable to buy goods online, he emphasized.

Moreover, Anggrijono said the ministry also educated Indonesians keen to go digital shopping, so that consumers will become more aware of the products they will buy.

“Do not buy cheap goods without checking the quality. To buy something on e-commerce sites, we can look at the number of stars that the merchant has. Hence, this serves as a reference,” he noted.

If consumers feel that their rights are not being met while doing digital shopping, then they can give inputs or report the relevant merchant, he stated.

“If the goods do not match, we may give one star or may not give a star. This means an input for the merchant to follow up on,” he remarked.

Source: Antara News