TPID Monitors Food Security Ahead of Ramadhan

Ahead of Ramadhan, the Jakarta regional inflation control team (TPID) keeps monitoring food security in Jakarta.

” We’ll do the best to stabilize food prices”

City Secretary, Saefullah said, each month, Jakarta TPID always conducts food security monitoring in order to avoid inflation.

“We’ll do the best to stabilize food prices,” he expressed, Sunday (3/3).

City Economic and Finance Assistant, Sri Haryati added that TPID has been cooperating with food security suppliers to prevent hike prices ahead of Ramadhan.

“Talk about meat, we’re cooperating with NTT. Chili and red onion, we cooperate with Brebes. During Ramadhan, we ensure food prices would be safe,” he stressed.

Source: Berita Jakarta